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Introducing Shakespeare in Year 7/8

These comprehensive resources are packed with materials to introduce KS3 pupils to two of Shakespeare’s comedy and tragedy plays – building knowledge of language, techniques, characters, themes, genre, and much more.

  • Fulfils the requirement of the 2014 curriculum to study two whole plays!

For both plays...

  • Keep students engaged: insightful activities for every scene with worksheets provided for write-on exercises
  • Decipher Shakespearean language: modern adaptations of three key scenes
  • Consolidate key plot points: all remaining scenes summarised through clear, concise narrative notes

Activities include:
Comparing the modern and original versions (both provided) and working out meanings, group discussions and debates, independent research, creative writing, role play, close reading and many more!

Comedy Tragedy History
A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth Coming soon!
Incredibly detailed... The suggestions for activities are excellent. The narrative notes on the scenes are incredibly useful... I also like that, although full scenes have been chosen for detailed analysis, there are notes and suggested activities for all the scenes to enable a deeper study of the play. It gives a varied selection of activities to suit a variety of learning styles; therefore, making it extremely good value for money. P Town, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer
Linked to learning objectives based on the 2014 curriculum requirements throughout!
I really like the creative approach to these tasks – a lot of food for thought for teachers. Clearly linked to the National Curriculum aims – very teacher-friendly... Modern-day versions are helpful teaching resources that would enhance learning. R Goulds, HoD & Independent Reviewer
Focus on key scenes and the breakdown of language is clear and helpful. Extremely accessible for a range of abilities... The tasks, research and lesson suggestions will engage a wide range of pupils. E Evans, HoD & Independent Reviewer