The Yellow Wallpaper Comprehensive Guide for A Level

An excellent resource, very high quality, well-informed and well-written, and very useful to teachers and students. L Wilford, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Comprehensive study notes integrated with discussion points and study exercises.

  1. Learn about the importance of Gilbert’s personal situation in relation to this short story
  2. Explore the story through 10 carefully divided sections of analysis
  3. Evaluate the key characters and themes and their importance to the story
  4. Understand critical reception of this story and how it has changed over time
  5. Apply feminist theory
  • Suitable for all exam boards, but specifically includes cross-references to Pride and Prejudice and Edexcel Unit 1 practice essay questions and exam advice.
  • Literary theories and critical reception applied, including feminism, sexuality, racism and dandyism
  • Themes explored include oppressiveness of marriage, inappropriateness of rest cure, femininity and female oppression