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The Hobbit Notes and Activities

This resource offers students of all abilities the opportunity to practice their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills by studying a very popular and much loved children’s book.

The opportunity to write, draw or collage and role-play major characters gives students the choice to learn in differing ways. More advanced learners are then given an opportunity to verbalise and clarify both these verbal and visual descriptions and connections to other students. J Robinson, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Worksheets ensure that every chapter of the novel has a choice of varied tasks cross-referenced to KS3 Assessment Foci so that students and teachers can monitor progress in key areas and pick the most appropriate worksheets for class."

Love it - even more so because I’m about to launch into a unit on this. Great that the activities which relate to the assessments are clearly listed at the top of the sheets so learners can see if they are making progress, when and where. A Baiden, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Grids for Assessing Pupil’s Progress and teacher’s guidance make this text easy to deliver!

I have shown this resource to my KS3 co-ordinator and we are considering it for the next academic year. All AFs are covered in reading, writings, speaking and listening so teachers can feedback accurate data and identify specific targets and strengths. K Greaves, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Original illustrations enhance students’ learning!