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Explaining the US Executive (A2)

Explaining Government and Politics at A2

Increase your students' understanding of core topics & interest them in current key political issues!

Timeless issues explained with up-to-date examples. Comes in 3 Parts:

Fully illustrated!

'Fact-packed and very informative… I liked how up-to-date the information is.… Good mix of facts, case studies and exam points… The information is up-to-date, relevant to basics behind government and politics… Its simple approach makes the information easy for the learners (and teachers) to take in and learn.'
D Long, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer

  1. Detailed notes explain the key concepts
  2. Goes much deeper & relates part 1 to Key Current Political Issues
  3. Explains how information from part 1/2 can be used to improve examination answers – 'Model Solution' with examiner's commentary provided.


  • Full and detailed explanations of each topic starting with the basics – 'The chief executive' 'What is the Executive Office of the President?'
  • Linked key 'Exam Points' show how information can be used in the exam!
  • 'Thinking Points' and 'Discussion Points' actively engage students
  • Includes both a photocopiable A4 and an A5 booklet format

Explaining the US Executive

Part 1 Creating the executive branch of government, the chief executive, the vice president, the cabinet, what is the Executive Office of the President? Independent agencies and others.
Part 2 Is the US bureaucracy too powerful? Is the president too powerful? Why is it so hard to impeach a US president? What makes a successful president?

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