Beowulf Resource Pack & SoW

'Good to see a comprehensive outline of work for a much-ignored part of our literary heritage, especially at KS3.'
A Baiden, English Teacher & Ind. Reviewer



A Resource Pack for KS3

Supports APP

A comprehensive scope of activities to enjoy and explore a key text in our Literary Heritage

Contains a 12-lesson SoW with objectives, starters, developments, plenaries and homework assessments. Includes a 4,000 word extract of the poem, lovingly translated and abridged for accessibility while retaining Anglo-Saxon poetic devices. Students will develop a range of skills by actively learning and appreciating the language, themes and culture of the poem.

  • Students explore the poem dramatically and get to try translating an extract
  • Cross-referenced to the new NC and Writing AFs

'A well organised scheme that will breathe new life into the ancient Anglo-Saxon poem... It's great to see an original scheme of work that tackles a tough choice of text like this — many students will benefit from a literary gem that they would sadly not have enjoyed otherwise.'
P Russell, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer