Introduction to Tenses

  • Introduces tenses as part of a system to give students a reference & a sense of logic
  • Structured activities to help learners make links & deduce rules
  • Integrates discovery, explanation, practice with fun & games
  • Combines cognitive & communicative activities
  • Explanations in English providing clarity & encouraging learners
  • Relates what students know about English to French

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (240)
"The resource is very well thought out and crucial for any student who wants to succeed at A-level." — C Dissel, French Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"It's good to find something so accurately targeting the higher level of language learning... Exactly deals with a very necessary step that some students find hard, others not so - there is both manageable and challenging material here." — C Kellett, Head of French at West somerset Community College, Independent Reviewer