… bring database theory to life!

SQLBlox is easy to use and it is a good way to learn the basics of SQL coding; developing confidence via the blocks and then having the flexibility of refining code via the SQL editor and viewer

S Dunne, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Quickly Conquer SQL

Revolutionise SQL learning with an intuitive Scratch-like interface! SQLblox converts student-built ‘blocks’ to accurate SQL AND shows the code output. With the 6-lesson workbook, SQLblox becomes a standalone unit to slot into your scheme of work.

An ‘engaging’ and ‘accessible’ way for students of all abilities to develop essential SQL skills while building database theory knowledge.

Highly interactive... An engaging platform

L Price, Teacher of Computer Science & Peer Reviewer

Returns SQL experts

  • Blocks enable learners to instantly create accurate SQL statements, practising with the inbuilt dataset
  • Students naturally move from blocks to edit mode where they write and run their own accurate SQL – from SELECT to CREATE
  • Fosters understanding of SQL and database theory, from normalisation to entity relationships


  • 6-lesson workbook with teacher notes and solutions
  • 28 short tutorial videos, 25 working examples, and 12 additional challenges for independent learning

What do teachers say about this resource? (12624)

This resource is excellent and without question very very in depth. There are so many examples and the workbook is excellent. I think it certainly helps students to get a fundamental understanding of all of the SQL features ... I think that there are so many elements of this resource that I think is fantastic - for example the layout of the system has a very similar interface to that of Scratch or Turing Lab or other block based programming which means that the students will find this very useful ... in terms of the students having a practical understanding of the different elements of SQL, this resource is relevant to any key stage within the computing curriculum. There is a very detailed teacher handbook which providing the teacher has the time to go through it all then this would be very useful. There are no GDPR requirements which is excellent ... For the SQL workbook - the fact that it is in colour is fantastic and makes it so easy to follow in terms of the students working through it. There are a number of pitstops for the students to complete something and then answer questions on the results that have been found and comparing the SQL to basic english syntax this is excellent and allows the students to demonstrate their understanding fully, apply their knowledge and then go on to further investigate to embed and expand their knowledge further. There is a good variety of tasks that are given to the students which means that they will find it sufficiently engaging and a great degree of learning in terms of the explanations that go along with it ... great for providing a practical understanding of SQL and its function. It breaks down the structure part of the language as well as demonstrates the query element ... The keyterms themselves are something that I think are effective and representative of what the students need to know ... I really like the knowledge gap ... The author has gone to a lot of trouble to create all of this resource and it is certainly something that it good value for money for any school wishing to purchase it. The level of detail and the amount of examples are excellent

C Morgans, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I really liked it – can see how I can use it in lessons ... Like the links and ideas for using the resource (especially the ideas for linking to the NEA) and also that there are different types of task ... pleased you can do both written and blocks. ... Matches the specifications for A-Level [AQA] and GCSE [AQA] well. Covers all the key terms (especially normalisation) ... I use SQL in Replit but we lose access to that this summer, This seems to cover the same language ... All the key terms are covered such as composite key, and also includes things away from SQLblox such as ERD diagrams so covers everything not just the SQL part ... [I'm] already budgeting for it

N Mounsey, Curriculum Lead & Peer Reviewer

This is a great idea and I like the fact that the blocks experience should be something that pupils are likely to be familiar with from systems like Scratch ... the familiar blocks interface that then produces the SQL as output. It’s a good colourful interface that pupils should find attractive ... I see real potential here and would be willing to use it in class ... Letting pupils do the blocks thing and then seeing the SQL is a great idea and is a good step on the journey to be able to write SQL independently ... Good use of colour and the fact that you get to see the SQL before running it is a good idea ... the supporting resources are excellent

M Brant, Head of IT & Peer Reviewer

Very detailed and thorough. SQLBlox is easy to use and it is a good way to learn the basics of SQL coding; developing confidence via the blocks and then having the flexibility of refining code via the SQL editor and viewer. The various tutorials available are a great idea, along with the sample blocks of code, to help students get started with their statements ... The resource is very detailed and there is a lot of content to it. I really like the editor and its flexibility in allowing users to use both the SQL blocks and also edit the SQL code directly. Screenshots are very clear and make the interface easy to follow and use ... The teacher guide is comprehensive and it is good to see all the worksheet answers in one place and easy to find ... Lots of different learning styles and methods are incorporated into the workbook ... Gives students with a very detailed overview of what SQL is, along with databases and the theory associated with them, up to A Level standard ... It is a very good resource for A Level, as students need to know a lot more about databases, their structure and use ... I would be inclined to use the SQLBlox platform to teach and develop SQL coding, especially with those who struggle a little more with coding

S Dunne, HoD & Peer Reviewer

highly interactive ... an engaging platform that aligns well with the AQA specification (8525) Database ... Its suitability for lower-level students transitioning from Scratch to SQL is particularly commendable, serving as a valuable complement to their learning journey ... SQLblox is commendable for its accessibility, offering a program suitable for Key Stage 3 and lower-ability Key Stage 4 students, mainly due to its straightforward nature and absence of complex joins. The high level of interactivity, facilitated by the WYSIWYG interface, contributes to its accessibility ... The simultaneous display of SQL code and the visual block interface ... [provides] students with a comprehensive view of the code-building process ... The "pretty print" element on the blocks enhances clarity, making it easy for students to identify differences and facilitating quick reviews for teachers during formative assessments ... The teacher and student books are well-formatted and user-friendly, even for lower-ability students, providing clear guidance and support ... The teacher workbook effectively defines lessons, including objectives, keywords, and associated overviews. The Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) align correctly with the provided answers ... accessibility features, particularly the default dark mode ... contributes to a positive user experience ... SQLblox significantly enhances learning by offering an accessible and interactive platform tailored for Key Stage 3 and lower-ability Key Stage 4 students. The WYSIWYG interface and the absence of complex joins ensure ease of use and foster engagement. The simultaneous display of SQL code and the visual block interface provides a holistic understanding of the code-building process, facilitating a seamless transition for students from Scratch to SQL ... The resource's use of examples inspires learning, and the "pretty print" feature on blocks aids in clear comprehension and quick reviews for teachers during formative assessments. The well-formatted teacher and student books and the teacher workbook defining lessons and objectives contribute to the educational value by providing structured guidance for educators and students

L Price, Teacher of Computer Science & Peer Reviewer

I liked the examples used

I Robinson, HoD & Peer Reviewer