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Engage and challenge your students with differentiated grammar revision for GCSE French!

Fast and effective online interactive learning and eRevision.

Suitable for: AQA | Edexcel | Eduqas | WJEC

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Varied and interactive quiz types – GapFill, TypeIt, ReOrder, MultipleChoice, MatchUp and Categorise – and helpful notes maximise motivation and boost student’s confidence.

79 quizzes cover grammar points from the 2016 specifications across two levels:

All Students: Foundation Level:

  • Nouns
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Verbs: Reflexive, Negative, Interrogative
  • Tenses: Present, Perfect, Imperfect [R], Perfect and Imperfect, Future [R], Conditional, Pluperfect [R], Imperative, Present
  • Participle
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions

Higher Students:

As above, at a Higher level, plus...

  • Pronouns
  • Passive Voice
  • Subjunctive Mood

Flexible, targeted and tailored revision once the grammar points have been taught in class – perfect as homework, cover work or independent study. Accessible and differentiated content based on target grade.

Plus! Core GCSE topics such as identity, daily life, school and travel are used to contextualise grammar points in a useful way that also promotes the learning of key vocabulary.

Developed for students...


  • 3-try system allows students
    to self-correct
  • Tailored to each student as they set their own target grade
  • 7 different interactive challenge types add huge novelty, promoting engagement
NEW: Revision Mode for students to start their revision afresh


  • Progress Tracking Map!
  • Provides instant feedback and allows for 3 times faster learning than traditional exercises
  • Addictive qualities of eRevision lead to unexpected high achievement

A great, intuitive system... My dept achieved the highest marks in the school and I believe we are in the top 5% nationally... eRevision helped the staff and students attain such impressive results

S Ravendran, HoD & Happy Subscriber
... with teachers in mind!


  • No marking! ~ Integrated computer marking
  • Slots into any SoW
  • Constructive interactive homework
    • Teacher oversight of student progress
    • Estimates time for students to complete homework
    • Email homework reminders

Admin Features:

  • Easy set-up!
  • Intuitive class tracking
  • Optional parental access
  • Microsoft and Google Single Sign On

It's varied, fun and engaging, with medals, trophies and leader boards and different challenge types.

  • GapFill – Fill in the gaps in a paragraph of text using the drop-down lists.
  • MatchUp – Drag and drop a variety of matching pairs.
  • ReOrder – Drag and drop a list of words or phrases into the correct order.
  • Categorise – Organise sets of answers into the correct category.
  • MultiChoice – Select the correct answer from a set of four possibilities.
  • TypeIt – Type the correct answer into the gap; no suggestions are given.

All about eRevision in 135 seconds...

What do teachers say about this resource? (11829, 11830, 11831, 11832, 11833)

This resource presents some basics of French langage in a simple and effective way when a student wants to work after having followed a lesson online or inhouse with a teacher. According to me, this resource can easily be used by the student alone, since the rules are always available as a reminder, before starting the exercises (or during).
The explored topics (texts with gaps to fill) are relevant and introduce nowadays thematic vocabulary (ecology, recycling…). Although systematic exercises are not really my cup of tea (I prefer practicing grammar and syntax from literary texts), I must admit that students often need this type of exercises : because repetition is actually a good help in memorizing, and also because systematic exercises ar ‘comfortable’ for learners (offer a rest to the student in the learning process).
The diversity of the forms/lay outs in the exercises is also appreciated (true/false, fill in the gaps, link...)

M Planté, Teacher & Peer Reviewer