PHP Learning Tasks for Beginners

Put students on the path to PHP proficiency with 19 progressive tasks for absolute beginners. From forms and functions to working with simple databases, lay the groundwork for their programming project. Equally valuable for teacher-led lessons or independent learning – including homework.

  • Familiar contexts from grade calculators to user registration
  • 'Hints' steer students towards good practice
  • Download working solutions

I like the step by step progression in the activities

J Farag, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Through practical tasks, your students will learn:

  • To apply a wide range of programming techniques and functions in PHP
  • To work with databases and simple SQL queries
  • To structure their programming in the industry standard Model–View–Controller architecture

Works well with PHP-on-a-stick for local development!

Assumes beginner-level HTML.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10825)

Well structured, clear instructions, good examples ... It allows for self-paced study and encourages students to be independent. It manages to introduce some complex concepts in a simple steps ... The exercises are really good and the solutions are very helpful, especially for teachers who are new to PHP

R Hind, Tutor & Peer Reviewer

useful and interesting ... It takes step by step approach from the basic functions of php and builds up to database level ... Each task is user friendly and designed for foundation of php with plenty of exercises to practice. Covers range of activities suitable for student development. Clear instructions ... Tasks are designed for beginners and has a clear flow with hands-on approach. Code is well commented, helps students to pick up extra knowledge. This resource will help students to improve their project work ... Easy to follow instructions ... Fits well with any exam board specification with practical approach

B Necat, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I liked the resource and would definitely use the resource to introduce PHP knowledge and skills ... I like the step by step progression in the activities and it was easy to follow and improve individual skills ... This resource provides coding pedagogical development in working towards a functional project. The resource provides examples to build on concrete knowledge and skills in developing PHP solutions ... supports development of systems using PHP, HTML, database with functionality

J Farag, HoD & Peer Reviewer