Practical Programming with Python for GCSE (2nd Edition)

Python Programming develops the core programming skills that students need – perfect for Practical Programming.

  • 15 chapters covering all programming elements of the specification – clear explanations and packed with example code and programming exercises!
  • Varied starters facilitate use in lessons, by recapping previous learning and providing a quick warm up for the lesson ahead
  • Practice assignment tasks with example solutions
  • All content provided digitally (HTML interface included)
  • Developed using Python v3.7
  • Worked solutions (.py) for every task!

Cross-referenced to the 2020 GCSE (9-1) Computer Science specifications: AQA 8525, CIE IGCSE 0984, Edexcel 1CP2, OCR J277, Eduqas 2020.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10583)

Fantastic resource, I have used this to teach programming theory as well as Python commands to my current year 10 GCSE class... Various activities to give to students...It's structured in the sense from the basics to the more advanced skills and each section has a test/challenge at the end.

S Iqbal, Customer (1st edition)

The resource comprehensively covers a huge range of GCSE programming skills with practice tasks appropriate for each. Any student would be able to pick up this document and complete some of the tasks ... I liked the thorough use of screenshots of live code to show the reader what to expect within their own programming. Keywords are often thoroughly explained and multiple common scenarios are given for their use ... The comprehensive and in depth nature of the resource means that any student should be able to pick up, read and understand a wide range of key python programming concepts. It is also a great reference point for students who may have already covered or been taught a topic but need to refresh their understanding or re-visit a skill that they did not fully grasp the first time. Many tasks can also be applied as homework with the appropriate area supporting student learning at home ... Each area within the resource fully covers all expected areas of learning ... it is a great foundational resource for students to refresh their core skills before moving into newer more advanced skills at A-Level

A Lee, Raising attainment and Progress lead & Reviewer