Practice Papers for A Level AQA Product Design

Perfect for mock exams, spot-checking progress and improving exam technique!

Give your students the support they need to prepare for the A Level AQA exams. Four practice papers (two papers each for Paper 1 and 2) with detailed mark schemes intelligently mirror the sample assessment material to ensure students are ready to answer each question type and gain vital practice.

Complete coverage!

  1. Fully cross-referenced against the new specification to ensure comprehensive coverage of all spec topics.
  2. Full range of question types from short-answer questions to detailed essays so students can perfect their exam technique.
  3. Clear command words – help students to get accustomed to the types of question they will face in the exam.

Plus… Student-friendly mark schemes and indicative content – ideal for quick marking or self-assessment.

Providing you with realistic mocks for the 2017 specification!