GCSE Edexcel Music Set Work Analysis: Queen: 'Killer Queen'

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R Brown, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Each pack sets the scene with essential context before working through the set work bar by bar. Students are fully supported with detailed notes, annotated score extracts and key term definitions – then encouraged to reinforce and apply their knowledge with regular consolidation questions and activities.

Following the analysis, a wealth of exam preparation:

  • Concise revision summary structured by musical element to aid recall of key points
  • Musical dictation exercises using extracts from the piece, for vital transcription training
  • Section A and Section B exam-style questions with mark schemes – perfect practice for the listening paper

Totally flexible – integrate into your class teaching or use for independent learning.

GCSE Edexcel Set Work Analysis AoS2

Queen: ‘Killer Queen’ (from the album Sheer Heart Attack)

Juxtaposed with Purcell in the area of vocal music, but equally powerful in terms of solo voice with accompaniment, ‘Killer Queen’, Queen’s first international hit, arguably transcends the glam rock and pop genre fields. Examine the piece’s guitar parts, driving drums and bass, and colourful vocal performance that solidify its glam-rock credentials, alongside its pop song verse and chorus structure, with this guide of clear, study-friendly analysis which brings fitting energy to the popular Queen number. Packed with engaging listening tasks, dictation activities and more exam-style questions, this guide is ‘Guaranteed to blow your mind!’

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Excellent! The author uses several examples to illustrate musical points reinforcing the element or musical technicality in Queen’s music... Nice variety of types of question throughout the music analysis.

R Brown, Teacher & Peer Reviewer