T Levels

T Levels will be the technical equivalent to A Levels, combining classroom theory, practical learning and an industry placement. Whereas the International Baccalaureate offers breadth and A Levels narrow choices to 3 or 4 A levels, T levels take a step further by being a single qualification that is the equivalent of 3 A Levels. We assume that this means it is worth the same number of points when applying for university, although in the same way that taking humanities subjects is likely to rule you out of doing a science degree, a T level is likely to narrow your options. However they are a different creature to A Levels, more vocational and with a blend of classroom learning and ‘on-the-job’ experience during an industry placement (currently set as a minimum of 45 days). Some T Levels will be offered from September 2020, although initially will not be availble everywhere (see the list of those probably offering it from September 2020).

The first T Levels to be available (those in bold from September 2020, the rest from September 2021):
  • Digital Production, Design and Development
  • Design, Surveying and Planning
  • Education
  • Health
  • Healthcare Science
  • Science
  • Onsite Construction
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Digital Support and Services
  • Digital Business Services

This will have an impact on other qualifications. The DfE are reviewing a number of other qualifications and will be withdrawing funding from some over the next few years, starting with funding for new starts on qualifications with no and low take-up from August 2021, and then from September 2023 onwards from Applied General and Tech Level qualifications, as determined by the review, where the qualifications overlap with A Levels or T Levels and do not meet new defined characteristics.