True-False Duel Game for GCSE Edexcel Business

An engaging new game designed to enhance learning for the GCSE (9–1) Edexcel specification.

This is the best resource I have seen.

D Holland, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Inject fun into your lessons with 520 true or false statement cards, divided into sets of 52 per subtopic. Use the packs to play three simple and enjoyable games.

  • True-False duelstudents compete against each other as quizmaster and player. The player answers the questions, but the quizmaster has a chance to agree or disagree and earn double points!
  • Plus! Two additional quick-paced Match and Memory games for groups of 2–4 players
Teacher-led True-False activity (without cards) – read out the statements and students answer individually on their scoresheet or with a show of hands.
  • Scoresheets and a simple grid of statements by topic (with answers) provided for ease of use

This is a fantastic resource to help students to know and remember more in a low stakes exercise that can help the teacher to diagnose misunderstandings or where knowledge is weaker in a student.

D Holland, HoD & Peer Reviewer

9 double-sided cards to a page, 4 cuts per page to divide the cards.
Lamination is recommended to increase the life of the cards.


What do teachers say about this resource? (12331)

I absolutely love this! This is a fantastic resource to help students to know and remember more in a low stakes exercise that can help the teacher to diagnose misunderstandings or where knowledge is weaker in a student. It is flexible in its potential use and is a must for all Edexcel Business GCSE course providers.

This resource is extremely flexible. It could be used as a starter to recap knowledge from the previous lesson, as a piece of formative assessment to help diagnose areas of misunderstanding, as a "fun" learning activity, and so on. It will help students"Know And Remember More".

This is the best resource I have seen. It is so simple but also so clever. It will help students "Know And Remember More". Many congratulations to the author ..... brilliant.

D Holland, HoD & Peer Reviewer

I think this resource is excellent for students to revise using an exciting interactive format. The resource is clear and easy to follow with a number of different variations on using the same resource, this means that the school / teacher is getting very good value for money. There is also a number of different options in terms of the number of players this is excellent should you have smaller groups or if you have intervention. The scoresheet is very helpful too along with the answers

What I particularly like about this resource is that it covers the whole specification in detail, there are so many different elements to each topic and this is fantastic for using in class. The other thing that I really like is the way in which each sheet has been laid out as this means that its a lot easier for teachers to put through a guillotine to be able to cut them effectively for use.

I really like for ease the non cut out versions too, this means that teachers have a greater degree of flexibility in how they will use these but again the green highlighting appears. The presentation of the answer sheet is good and clear in terms of what the answers are and these can also be printed for students to use for any revision.

C Morgans, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I would recommend this resource to anyone who is about to embark either each section of the course or revision. I like how the activities are not too long, the activities are straight forward and it is clear to students what they need to be doing with variations on the games.

The resource has a logical flow but can also be dipped in and out of when needed by the teacher/assessor to support where necessary. I have trialed this with higher and lower atttainers and work better when the class are able to access the concept.

The resource supports formative assessment and enable learners to gauge attainment of knowledge at regular intervals which students will benefit from enormously. The resource is ideal as either a revision tool, or as retrieval for that particular topic.

C Hutchinson, Teacher of Business & Peer Reviewer

On the whole it was a good interactive game and the students enjoyed playing the game. Covered all the topics and matched the specification.

Students were engaged and become quite competitive with each other to score high points.

C Gill, HoD & Peer Reviewer