Key Stage 3 Topic Packs for Science

Comprehensive and user-friendly topic packs, expertly designed to support a seamless and logical progression through various scientific concepts.

Cross-referenced to the Activate and Exploring Science textbooks!

Tailored for each topic of the KS3 National Curriculum and covers at least one relevant Working Scientifically skill, e.g. data presentation, evaluating results or sketching/labelling diagrams. Effortlessly fits into any scheme of work – a timesaving solution that can be used in class, assigned as an engaging homework for a flipped learning approach, or employed for effective cover lessons.

Engage students of all abilities with:

  • clear definitions, explanations and examples
  • interspersed comprehension questions
  • fun facts
  • interesting images

Plus: a summary crossword and end-of-topic questions with every pack!

✓ Answers included for quick and easy marking

What do teachers say about this resource? (12280)

Overall, this resource is comprehensive and covers several concepts that pupils are to learn in accordance with the National Curriculum.
I particularly like the use of images to supplement the text and questions on the page. I think the flower dissection step-by-step images are extremely clear and will help learners dissect their own flower if used as a set of visual instructions.
The part of scientific drawings is also very good, and it is effective for pupils to be able to critique work to help improve on their own.
The investigation guidance is clear and concise. I think this would be useful for non-specialist teachers in delivering this practical.
I like the boxes with the extra pieces of information that are not explicit within the National Curriculum, but adds to learning and hopefully could increase curiosity among pupils and encourage further reading.

S Cox, Teacher, STEM Coordinator & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (12278)

A comprehensive overview of forces that need to be covered at key stage 3. It takes a logical progression through the different concepts, ensuring key knowledge is addressed before moving onto more difficult ideas.
I like that information is given, with key definitions highlighted in separate boxes, followed by some comprehension questions.
I like the ‘fun facts’ used to try and engage the reader.
The educational value of this resource is that it could be used for independent learning, either maybe as flipped learning or for use in cover lessons, where students are given chunks of information and then asked some questions about it. This would also be a useful resource for students who have missed work due to absence or who join a different class and need to get up-to-speed on a topic.

K Tubby, Physics Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A useful summary of the topic. I would use it for revision. I liked the clear examples and diagrams. It matches the specification well. All areas are covered.

N Percy, Director of STEM & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (12357)

A useful resource to support understanding of a topic students find interesting but tricky. Straight forward comprehension style questions accompany concise text. Questions are written at appropriate level for age. Provides useful additional resources for cover or to further support delivery of this topic, reinforcing key ideas of inheritance.
I liked the addition of cartoon style drawings to illustrate some of the concepts and interesting facts for widening students' (and non-specialist teachers') knowledge of this topic.

L Marsh, Head of Science & Peer Reviewer