GCSE AQA Paper 3 Pre-release Resource Pack

2022 Topic: Managing Waste in the UK

Ace Paper 3 – from the topic-specific knowledge to the geographical skills and nuanced debates of the issue!

Fantastic resource that I couldn’t put together myself. Highly recommend this and will buy again next year.

S Anderson, HoD & Customer

Arrived swiftly at the very start of term... It meant I could focus on teaching the pre-release not preparing for it over Easter!

L Tresserras, HoD & Customer

Support all students with the basics and challenge high achievers!

  • Walkthrough of the PRB ensures a structured and active reading of the booklet
  • Activities explore the data, maps and figures in depth – practicing skills and anticipating exam questions
  • Debate and decision-making activities fully engage students with the issue – stretching them to reach higher levels of the mark scheme


We smashed the Paper 3 this year!...

...Your resources are always on point!

L Green, Customer
  • Two Paper 3 Section A Practice Exam Papers* with mark schemes – perfect for mocks
  • Presentations to aid classroom teaching and independent study: visual ‘Topic Overview’, helpful ‘Skills Summary’, inspiring ‘Debate and Discussion’
  • Bonus digital content including an interactive Google Earth 'Fly-through' orientation

Loved it! Really helpful...

...Clear, organised and in good time for the exam...

...Worth the money! Get it!

N Roberts, Customer

Early Release Activities: All customers who pre-order this resource and register an email address for free updates at zzed.uk/freeupdates will be able to download our early release activities pack before the Easter break. This pack contains a set of self-led activities to help students to familiarise themselves with the content of the PRB during the holidays and come back to school ready to evaluate the issue in class using the complete resource.

PAPER 3: Geographical Applications – Previous years for revision
2019: The Living World: Rainforest Deforestation Available for revision and exam practice, and a great case study for GCSE AQA Topic 3.1.2 The Living World.
2018: Resource Management: Water in the UK Available for revision and exam practice, and a great case study for GCSE AQA Topic The Challenge of Resource Management – Water.

Risk-free pre-order:

  1. If exams are cancelled before the resource is published, your pre-order will be rolled over the next exam session – and you can cancel at any time before publication.
  2. Invoices do not become payable until the resource has been provided, so we won’t tie up your budget.

What do teachers say about this resource? (11076)

An excellent comprehensive resource, which appropriately covers the brief of the specification and provides a wealth of different tasks for pupils at all levels. The external links are excellent and provide a great context for the DME itself. The GoogleEarth contextual flythrough is particularly good ... external links are excellent and give plenty of scope for extended research and development of discussions ... the notes for the debate, outlining the stakeholders so clearly, are an excellent resource ... Excellent breadth of learning tasks which encourage students to truly interrogate the resource and make clear decisions regarding the costs and benefits of the proposal ... This is an excellent fit to the specification, with great focus throughout

J Snelling, Head of Geography & Peer Reviewer

Amazing resource that covers every possible scenario from the pre-release. Really clear and easy to follow. Great range of resources ... I love the range of resources ... Clear structured information through a range of different tasks which help reinforce the knowledge that students will need to know for the exam ... I particularly like the GoogleEarth usage contained within the resources ... Layout of all resources are really clear and simple to follow. All link in together well ... These resources follow the guidance from the specification well. Really clear resources that clearly link to and extract from the pre-release activities

S Messenger, Asst Head & Peer Reviewer

A very high quality resource with a variety of activities included. The exam papers at the end of the document, I can see will be very useful ... I particularly liked the debate task and the image annotation task which are included ... The use of google earth to enhance pupil learning is nice. This covers the PRB well. Lots of teaching ideas given and ways this can be run in lesson. I think the WAGOLs are strong and so is the PPT of discussion questions

D Sullivan, Head of Geography & Peer Reviewer

This is a high-quality resource which has great potential to help GCSE candidates prepare for Paper 3. The exploration of themes discussed in the pre-release material is thorough. This pre-release resource pack provides more than enough useful material for teachers to approach preparation for this element of the exam with confidence. There is provision for a wide variety of activity styles (e.g. debates, ‘Boxing Matches’ …)

G Senior, Teacher & Expert Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8973)

We smashed the Paper 3 this year! Your resources are always on point!

L Green, Customer

Excellent. Practice Questions were very relevant and useful. Well put together and easy to use. Provided them with an excellent preparation for the real exam. It is very close to what was actually asked of the students in the real exam. Buy it, you will not regret it. It's spot on.

P Corner, Customer

Excellent, as always. All in one place; provided on paper ready to copy and electronically. Don’t delay - pre-order, and express service is absolutely worth it! Excellent, outstanding.

V Shaw, Teacher & Customer

Takes a lot of pressure off teachers. Great work!

L. Green, HoD & Peer Reviewer

It has a clear straight forward format that the students are able to access and it makes sure they thoroughly interrogate the pre-release resource. The mock papers are really helpful resources to test students understanding of the pre-release. It increases student’s familiarity of the pre-releases resource, so they know where the information is in the pre-release so they can turn to that information quickly to reduce time wasting in the exam.

K Crickmore, Leader of Geography & Customer

Practice exam papers were the best part. Practice exam papers save us creating our own.

P Dixon, Customer

A fantastic resource – full of useful information and exam questions. Clearly set out, so quick to use and easy for students to understand. We don’t buy or look at any other [resources]. A definite purchase that I buy every year and ask for money in my budget for. 

S Anderson, HoD & Customer

An excellent resource with a clear understanding of the resource booklet and exam expectations. It appears accessible to all abilities and has a very wide range of various a engaging tasks. An excellent resource obviously created by a knowledgeable author

C. Cottam, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8242)

Loved it! Really helpful. Clear, organised and in good time for the exam... Clear range of activities and 2x test papers. Activities cater for all parts of the pre-release and student friendly... Allows students to understand the material and progress with it – worth the money! Get it!

N Roberts, Customer

It arrived swiftly at the very start of term which was useful... It meant I could focus on teaching the pre-release not preparing for it over Easter!

L Tresserras, HoD & Customer

Ideas are clearly written and instructions for student on pre-release are useful... As a new specification I have not taught pre-release to GCSE students to it helps greatly with knowing the correct kind of level for Q’s... Fantastic resource that I couldn’t put together myself. Highly recommend this and will buy again next year.

S Anderson, HoD & Customer

Very useful resource – good range of activities and material... It provided sample papers and enabled me to save lots of time... Covers all abilities so that it was really valuable from the glossary though to evaluation questions

A. Wyatt, HoD & Customer