A Level Edexcel Student Guides for C1
The Perfect End of Topic AND End of Course Worksheets, designed specifically to aid learning & revision

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The key parts to this resource are the structure and the revision tests. The structure gives a point for point breakdown of what is required by the specification in terms of what the student must be able to do. Overall course tests can be used as a diagnostic revision starting point and final check. The individual revision worksheets have been designed to encourage students to undertake that work that is best for revision (these are unique!) - as such they are ideal for students who do not know how to revise i.e. those that do not realise that revision requires working through mathematics, memorising key formula, association key ideas, getting a overview of the topic or strategy. The guide can also be used as a student companion. The student guide uses language and ideas in the teachers guide and so allows for continuity and reinforcement.

Comes with FREE Revision Programme including: Guidance Notes, Diagnostic Whole Course Revision Tests, Notes by Topic, & Revision Worksheets by topic.

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