Topic on a Page for NCFE (L1/2) Tech Award: Health & Fitness

Big fan of the idea, students really respond to topic on a page handouts

P Jarmyn, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Visually engaging A3 posters with concise, easy-to-learn summaries of every specification topic. Help students see the bigger picture on an entire topic.

Included for each of the 22 topics:

  1. Summary Poster giving at-a-glance overview
  2. Partially complete Activity Poster to test knowledge

in both photocopiable A3 and A4 formats

  • Diagrams and images illuminate key concepts
  • Many Sporting examples to promote effective application

An excellent resource which breaks down the exam content into bitesize chunks

T Kirby, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Perfect for end-of-topic consolidation
  • Use as place mats or as a classroom display
  • Great knowledge organisers; perfect revision overviews before exams
  • Partially complete Activity Posters make an excellent homework

The resource provides the students with the opportunity to revise independently but also allows the teacher to use this within the classroom to aid revision, self-assessment of knowledge and gaps in knowledge, but is also a starter activity.

T Kirby, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
Upgrade to PDF for colour versions of the posters
Samples of one Summary Poster and the corresponding Activity Poster are shown below. Click to expand.
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