Topic Tests for T Level Technical Qualification in Health

Provided in write-on and non-write on formats – ideal for reuse!

Reveal your students’ strengths and weaknesses and track their progress!

11–13 cleverly structured tests covering the content from the T Level Technical Qualification in Health.

Tests carefully designed to last for 30 minutes to 1 hour each!

Great for consolidating learning at the end of a topic in class, for revision or as homework.

Straightforward structure with clear and focused questions…
  • Range of question styles – from labelling images to short- and long-answer questions – perfect preparation for the exam
  • Real-life applications and authentic case studies – provide full appreciation of the link between theory and practice
  • Detailed answers and mark allocations – great for peer- and self-assessment!

Some good questions that will challenge students and a much needed resource in the current time as there are so few examples of good questions for the T level qualification

D Lascelles, Lecturer in H&SC & Peer Reviewer

What's covered in each pack?

Paper A (Section A):

  • Element A1: Working in the health and science sector
  • Element A2: The healthcare sector
  • Element A7: Good scientific and clinical practice
B1 is also suitable for T Levels in Healthcare Science and Science

B2 is also available for T Levels in Healthcare Science

Paper B (B1 Core Science Concepts):

  • Section A: Biology
  • Section B: Chemistry
  • Section C: Physics

Paper B (B2 Further Science Concepts):

  • Section D: Biology, Chemistry and Physics

What do teachers say about this resource? (11682, 11683, 11685)

This is a collection of questions that may be of benefit to students studying for the T level paper B. It can also be useful as a source of revision resources for teachers to use in lessons or for writing mock exams, especially given the current lack of such resources from the exam board. I passed a copy of this resource around the students to let them read it and add their own comments. Many stated they would find it useful: "Helpful for revision and what might be on a test" and "helpful to look through it to see what the exam would be like". Looking at the resource, I feel it is an appropriate balance of difficulty and accessibility that allows all students to achieve. The educational value is allowing students to engage and practise with a resource that allows them to see the sort of questions they might encounter on the actual exam.

D Lascelles, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Some good questions that will challenge students and a much needed resource in the current time as there are so few examples of good questions for the T level qualification. The progression from simple (AO1) to hard (AO3) questions was appropriate and gave my students some confidence when tested with them. They had been concerned that they did not have good enough scientific knowledge and this showed them that they did know what they were doing. Practice exam questions are essential for any exam based qualification and the lack of these for the T level is a major problem presently.

D Lascelles, Lecturer in H&SC & Peer Reviewer

I think this is a good resource for learners to prepare for key aspects of the exams. I have to say I really like paper 6... I love the case study used, the questions and the inclusion of an image. It really brings the theme of the case study into the questions. This is a useful tool for short topic assessments and revision.
The topics covered represent the spec well.

T Blease, Curriculum lead for Heath and social care & Peer Reviewer

This supports recall of information really well. I like the content, specifically the inclusion of graphs. Same high standards as all ZigZag materials; it is presented well. I would most definitely use this as a revision aid.

T Blease, Curriculum lead T levels & Peer Reviewer

It is a good resource covering the topics well. I like the use of graphs throughout. I really like the link to health in paper 3, question 5. I feel this is a valuable revision and short assessment method for learners. I really like the use of images throughout. I feel the questions match the spec well in terms of the topics.

T Blease, Curriculum lead health and social care & Peer Reviewer

The presentation and layout is good. There are some good visual diagrams and a variety of question styles to challenge the student.

W Askam, Teacher of Health T Level & Peer Reviewer

On the whole this is a really useful resource. There are very few available resources for the T Level in Health and learners find the science component very difficult. This is useful because it is accessible and covers the main specification content. It could be used effectively for end of topic tests. It could also be used for a mock exam before the exam, to identify any gaps in learning that need to be revised. I particularly liked the way it was divided into topics and the way it started with one mark answers and built up into questions which required more evaluation. This helps learners to scaffold their learning and will show the teacher clearly where any interventions need to be put in place for each learner. This resource enhances learning. It has relevant diagrams which complement the specification and the tasks are varied and allow the learners to use the knowledge they have learned. It follows the specification perfectly and is not too difficult or too easy. I think the presentation and layout is logical and accessible. The questions build on knowledge and are presented in a way that makes good use of diagrams and different assessment techniques. There is only one sample assessment paper from NCFE for students to practice their exam technique so this is a really invaluable resource. I love this resource! It is much needed this year for those colleges and schools who have just one biology paper to use for end of topic tests.

W Askam, Teacher of T Level in Health & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11689)

I really like the specification reference table at the beginning, the use of case studies throughout and the mark scheme is fantastic. There are varied questions and really good use of case studies throughout allowing application of knowledge. I feel this really supports learners with their qualification and promotes thought across all the topics included. The variation of questions supports all learners with various academic needs to enable them to use this resource as a learning aid. The command words used are appropriate within the T level specification which aids the learners to develop the exam skills they require… especially as this year most learners on T levels have not sat a formal exam before. There are enough direct questions in comparison with those that will stretch and challenge learner to apply their knowledge to real world situations. I really like the variation of questions and the presentation of the case studies utilised. Test 2 is extremely effective using case studies to ascertain knowledge of progression routes within the sector and directly links to occupational maps utilised within the specification. Question 7 is particularly good requiring the learner to fully assess the route decided in the case study. Tests 1, 3, 4, 5 , 8, 10 and 11 all have a high point question with points awarded for good written communication which embeds the English skills detailed within the specification really well. Test 8, question 4 is an amazing case study to use. I really like the use of this to promote discussion on prioritisation of public expenditure.

T Blease, Curriculum Lead for T level in Health and Health Care Science & Peer Reviewer

Well presented and covers the spec really well. I really like the use of case studies which are present throughout. This resources takes the learning of key themes and puts it into practice with the use of case studies. Fantastic, I really like the layout and the balance of question styles. All the key themes are covered throughout with a good amount of higher command words and a fair amount of AO2 and AO3 content. The questioning techniques used and the command words are perfectly aligned to the spec. It was a pleasure to read, thankyou. 

T Blease, Curriculum lead T levels Health and Healthcare Science & Peer Reviewer

Very useful resource with some good questions to challenge and support students who are completing this qualification. The exam board have been very reluctant to release many practice questions so it is very useful to have an alternative source of ideas for allowing students to practice. This resource includes a range of questions that cover all possible difficulty levels (AO1 - AO3) and some case studies to go with them. By far the best way to improve learning in an exam based course is to practice exam style questions. The current lack of past papers and the confusion over how the exam will be presented has been a concern for many. Many of those who teach the topics of section A (the clinical and social skills) were not previously teachers of exam based topics so this is a new experience for them and being able to rely on a source that gives them ideas for questions is invaluable.

D Lascelles, Lecturer in Health and Social Care & Peer Reviewer

This is an extremely good resource for both teachers and learners. As a relatively new qualification it will give teachers confidence that what they are teaching can be assessed with confidence. It gives students good practice for the exam which they would not have if they relied on resources from the NCFE.

I thought it was a very useful resource because there is only one exam paper available which covers all the elements and all the sections. This gives teachers a limited amount of questions to use with their students. This will give them a good set of questions, which range from short answer to extended questions. I liked the way that it was set out to go from easier questions and work up to the harder questions.
I also liked the way that it was mapped onto the specification. The presentation and layout is perfect. it is logical and will help both teachers and students to work up to the harder questions in each area.

W Askam, Teacher of T level Health & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11687, 11688)

This is a fantastic resource. I was really impressed reviewing this. There are balanced question types and related to the sector and specification well. I liked the various questions within the topic tests. The use of graphs and the skillset surrounding finding or recording data onto them is fantastic and exactly what the specification hopes for in relation to the embedding of numeracy skills. The labelling diagrams is proportionate throughout the papers too. I really like the whole resource. There is a fantastic balance of various questioning types and the learner will enjoy each topic test. Paper 1, question 4 is my favourite as the questions are within the diagram and enabling for learners as it is a visual prompt too. This is an image to revisit and recall in the actual exam. I feel this meets the specification perfectly. There are various elements the T levels are designed to capture within the exams and this topic test covers them all. I am really impressed with this. There is a fantastic link to the sector and the specification which is perfect. All topics discussed are relevant and within the T level content. 

T Blease, Teacher and Curriculum Lead for T levels & Peer Reviewer

A very well thought through resource which would be useful for students revising for the exam or teachers looking for some practise questions for revision. Teachers of T level science would definitely lap these up. Students can use it as a revision resource.

D Lascelles, Teacher of T level Science & Peer Reviewer