InterACTIVE Powerpoints for AQA GCSE PE

420 dynamic slides* to inspire and impress your students!
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Maximise motivation with these expertly animated and interactive PowerPoints for AQA GCSE PE.

30 concise and lively presentations to engage your learners! Great for in-class delivery or for independent revision.

Fully resourced for effortless delivery!
  • 14-16 PowerPoint presentations (192-228 slides)
  • Slides printed alongside teacher’s notes to support delivery
  • Structured student worksheets – enable clear feedback

Bring theory to life!

  • Dynamic illustrations, GIFs and diagrams – stimulate student understanding of difficult concepts!
  • Energetic animations and interactivity – helps you deliver engaging and stimulating lessons!
  • Embedded videos – specifically filmed to illustrate key sporting examples and the application of knowledge!
  • External links and videos – inspire further research!

More than just content…

  • Imaginative and interactive activities injected throughout – video analysis, puzzles, match-ups and many more – assess students’ comprehension of the topic!
  • Discussion springboards – encourage in-class analysis of the topics and application to the wider context
  • Exam-style questions – give focus at the end of each lesson and provides essential exam practice

All PowerPoints are provided electronically as a download which can be copied directly onto your school network and accessed using a HTML interface. All PowerPoints are fully editable!

Unleash the power of PowerPoint!

See Paper 1, PowerPoint 3 in action with this short video walkthrough

What do teachers say about this resource? (11636)

The premise of learn, discuss, activity and exam is a good premise. Some sections have good examples and applied. Variety of activities used. Some nice videos included.

K Smith, PE teacher & Peer Reviewer