Dynamic Cover Lessons for OCR GCSE PE

Ignite student engagement with relevant, high-quality classroom activities!
Non-specialist friendly!
student worksheets

10-16 carefully constructed and versatile theory lessons, covering every spec point from the OCR GCSE (9-1) PE Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams, so you are ready for unplanned cover at any time.

Minimal teacher input...
content Structured and progressive lessonslesson objectives, starters, mains and plenaries – ready to use at a moment’s notice, even by non-specialists. factfile Clear and concise instructions with timings and resources listed for effortless delivery – no preparation needed! answers Answers included – perfect for peer- and self-marking.

This is going to save teachers and Heads of Department hours of work

L Green, Head of Department & Peer Reviewer
... maximal student benefits!
summary Background reading engages concepts in an approachable way questions Varied, progressive and accessible tasks – engage and stimulate students in exciting key topics. ICT Creative extensions – ensure your fastest finishers stay motivated and on task for the whole lesson.
Graphic representation of cover lessons for OCR GCSE PE
More than just cover lessons...

A versatile resource: Use as homeworks, student-led topic recaps, summative assessments and lesson-long extensions to your schemes of work.

What do teachers say about this resource? (12300)

Fantastic - as a HOD that has had a long-term staff absence I wish I had these for my groups a year ago. Topics clearly identified so easy to set cover for a gap in knowledge. Easy for a supply teacher to hand out. Written in student-friendly text so even with limited input from non-specialist supply teachers they will be able to access some meaningful content and work. Clear how much work is expected of them [students] so not easy to avoid doing work... Great! I think this is amazing for any PE department to have in their arsenal for those days where cover is limited and easy as a HOD to contact normal teachers and say where in the spec are you up to... great I'll hand out this resource then. This is going to save teachers and Heads of Department hours of work. I like the variety used throughout to keep students engaged and feel like they are being given the same thing each cover lesson. Clear to understand and follow, and nice progressions throughout the application of knowledge. Honestly... this is great!

L Green, Head of Department & Peer Reviewer