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OCR ICT Unit B063 Pre-Release Resource Pack 2017 (PDC)

Concise student notes covering every topic of the Progress Delivery Company (PDC) OCR B063 pre-release material – for examination in June 2017.

  • A chapter covering each bullet in the pre-release
  • End-of-chapter revision questions test and consolidate learning (plus answers)
  • Full original exam-style practice paper and mark scheme
The notes are clear and informative enough that pupils will not need to carry out too much research. As teacher guidance, this resource is a must. P Holt, HoD & Independent Reviewer
Feedback on the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 resource packs
'A huge thank you... In September 2011 I took over as head of department in ICT and took control of a failing GCSE class. I purchased your B063 2012 Resource Pack (Frontline18) and it was an absolute lifesaver... I entered all 50 students in for the B063 exam and the average mark awarded was 48 (equivalent to an A).' – R Hardman, Head of ICT, Happy Customer
'The breakdown of the sections to match the pre release is very good. It allows each element to be gone through in depth and ensure that it has been covered. It takes away some of the guesswork as to what will be in the exam... The questions at the end of the section are a useful tool. The tables are very useful in breaking the content up. There is nothing that I dislike with the resource. The sample paper is an excellent addition to the resource. The Revision map sheets are also very good.' - G Millbery, Head of ICT, Examiner & Independent Reviewer
'Very good! The resource contains a lot of detail and covers everything well... lots of questions for each section (with answers), and also some exam-style questioning. I especially like the revision [map] sheets, what a great idea! Matches the specification very well.' - W Goodwin, ICT Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"There is a definite need for this type of resource as the topics given in the pre-release are not covered in detail in theory books as they are specific to the context The resource closely matches the specification and gives accessible information for each bullet point given in the pre-release. I like that all the material relates to the context The range of content and activities incorporated mean that the resource could be used both in the lesson and for independent study. This is an invaluable resource and I am sure that many centres teaching this specification would purchase this." - J McKenzie, Head of ICT & Independent Reviewer
"Very detailed. Good coverage of the core study...Provides up-to-date coverage of all the relevant technology." - D Pipe, Head of ICT, Happy Customer
"Well presented with good coverage of the necessary topics and helpful links to provide further research...Material is collated by objective which makes it easy to the students to follow...Good base knowledge which additional research highlighted for further reading...[Matches the specification] very well." - D McKeown, Head of ICT, Happy Customer
"Very detailed and helpful... I can re-use them to aid teaching and learning... A perfect match [to the pre-release]" - S Carr, ICT Teacher, Happy Customer
"Invaluable. Teachers do not have time to research specialist areas such as Telepresence technologies... The content is covered at the right level and in sufficient (but not too much) detail... ensures staff and students have the information they need for the B063 exam." - J Raines, Head of ICT & Independent Reviewer
"Very clear and precise, and easy to split up the topics... Matches the specification very well... Buy it, it's fab!" - S Carr, ICT Teacher, Happy Customer
"Clear, professional and well presented... There is good coverage of the points in the OCER pre-release. Exam-style questions are good and cover areas that the examiners’ report identified as weaknesses last year." – R Miller, ICT Coordinator & Independent Reviewer
"The notes are clear and informative enough that pupils will not need to carry out too much research. Therefore as teacher guidance, this resource is a must." – P Holt, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer