Q&A Flash Cards for OCR A Level PE

The ultimate revision companion!

Comprehensive question and answer flash cards with 928 questions for OCR A Level PE – Paper 1, 2 and 3 exams. Invaluable for test preparation – identify areas where students need improvement and focus your efforts accordingly.

An effective tool... It will have a huge benefit on memory recall and improve the capacity of students to retain information

A Reed, OCR Examiner, Head of PE & Peer Reviewer
Three levels of difficulty to ensure a progressive learning experience:
Categorised by topic, they cover the entire specification!
  1. Knowledge-based questions – assess students' understanding of key concepts
  2. Scenario-based questions – assess students' application of knowledge to real-life scenarios
  3. Discussion-based questions – assess students' analysis and evaluation skills

Flexible and versatile!

Cards offer countless ways to motivate your students – in lessons as starters, plenaries, extension tasks and individual activities, or during exam prep at home.
  • Learn, reinforce and recall individually or in groups
  • Engage in partner study or teach each other using the answers as summary notes
  • Organise student-led activities – quizzes, hot-seat games or jeopardy-style challenges
Photocopy onto durable card or laminate for reuse anywhere.
Designed for convenience:
Flash Cards can be photocopied or printed on paper/card and easily folded in half with answers on the reverse side.

What do teachers say about this resource? (12292)

This is a good resource that will be an effective tool for students to practice their retrieval. There is a gap in the market and this is a good addition to what is available as a teaching and learning activity. Teachers will be able to utilise this during lessons and students will use it in preparation for assessments. This covers the entire specification for paper 2 and has an excellent range of questions. A variety of command words are used and there is a clear application to practical examples. This resource will have a huge benefit on memory recall and improve the capacity of students to retain information. It can be utilised during lessons and would be an excellent starter or plenary activity. The questions that use a scenario and have multiple questions which build progressive knowledge are useful for developing elaboration. The entire specification is covered. There is enough coverage of all assessment objectives. A range of command words are used.

A Reed, OCR Examiner, Head of PE & Peer Reviewer