Multiple-choice Question Bank for GCSE Business

A superb revision tool and confidence builder.
Easy-to-mark questions focus on the knowledge consolidation needed for AO1.

Excellent... will really test the knowledge and understanding of students

R Lamb, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Full spec coverage – the questions are split by the six specification topics, making it easy to pull out the relevant questions for each topic. Perfect for homework, in-class revision or cover lessons. No teacher preparation required!

Includes two sets of questions developed using our effective ‘mirroring’ technique – giving you increased flexibility for use.

  • Class discussion + homework, formal test + question and answer session, week by week + end of year
  • Cement the knowledge with double the practice

The questions are designed in a great way which will allow teachers to identify misconceptions really well...

...Great for assessment, retrieval practice and spaced practice. Great for GCSE students during revision

R Lamb, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Mirroring examples

Set A Set B

What method of communication are senior managers in a tall-structured organisation most likely to use in order to effectively relay important decisions throughout the organisation?

  1. Formal written
  2. Informal verbal
  3. Grapevine
  4. Telephone

Formal written communication would be the preferred method of senior managers in which of the following?

  1. Small and flat structured organisations
  2. Large and tall structured organisations
  3. Equally in both flat and tall structured organisations
  4. Equally in both small and large structured organisations
Use Set A for homework throughout the year then use Set B for end-of-year revision 🠝‘key term’ question mirrored with ‘definition’ question

Perfect companion to our
GCSE Factsheets and Activities

What do teachers say about this resource? (11354)

really good, a great range of questions covering the various units as well as some general subject knowledge questions. Think this resource will be great not only for formative assessment but also for engagement. the options/choices students have are challenging but relevant ... Liked the styles of the questions, the answers were challenging. The questions are designed in a great way which will allow teachers to identify misconceptions really well ... Great for assessment, retrieval practice and spaced practice. Great for GCSE students during revision ... it matches the specification very well while also bringing in additional "general" knowledge that I would expect GCSE students to have. Questions such as those about Dragons Den will engage pupils and also foster a love of learning ... excellent, will really test the knowledge and understanding of students ... Really fab resource that will be useful for any GCSE business teacher

R Lamb, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Useful for knowledge checking and application of knowledge. Well mapped to specification with clear cross referencing. Good to have 2 sets so progress can be tracked ... I liked the spec references so that the sets could be split into end of unit tests or the whole set can be used for revision at the end of the course ... Educational value is in testing students recall and application of business knowledge. The finance section allows students to actually perform calculations for application. The vast majority of the resource is recall which is useful for students to test key vocabulary and business concepts ... Students would be able to easily complete the multiple choice at the end of a topic or end of the course ... maps the specification exactly with the questions crossed referenced by number. The specification also requires students' to answer 20 multiple choice questions as part of the final assessment so it is good practice for this exam skill ... save time in preparing lessons and assessments and mirrors specification ... Good variety of questions included in the two sets

S Johnson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A useful resource ... Questions are clear and relevant ... teachers can use some of these multiple choice questions as a 10 minute quiz, to test whether students have managed to grasp the material taught at the previous meeting/lesson ... I liked that [it] follows a sequence that teachers and students can easily follow ... the resource could be used not only to practice general understanding of the different business themes but also, it can be used for homework or practice at the library ... The resource covers the needed topics with a good quality and level of language. The style of questions is consistent appropriate with the right terminology, while questions have great product breadth and depth ... I would purchase this as an additional assessment resource as it would specifically train my students providing a better understanding of the business terms

J Landrakis, Business Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11582)

Really like the number of questions offered for each topic from the spec, which therefore will challenge students’ knowledge and understanding and provide the learning with opportunities to test and challenge the depth of understanding. As a whole resource I think the number of questions offered is very substantial.

I liked the fact that each question has been mapped to the spec as this helps to analyse topics that needs to be re-visited

I also like how the two sets mirror each other but using different wording. This allows the teacher to assess the accuracy of knowledge and understanding especially with the nature of MCQ Questions giving options to the correct answer, this I like a lot.

Not enough focus is usually given to MCQ style questions and yet this is where students make silly mistakes. Learning the skill of MCQ students find hard not only are they digesting the questions they are also examining the 'the best fit' response.

This is a really good resource, which teachers would find very useful for use in their lessons or to set as a homework task.

Would you purchase this resource?
Yes because its one area of the spec that MCQ resources are in short supply.

J Kelly, Head of Department & Peer Reviewer

A good resource with excellent coverage of GCSE Edexcel content. Clearly linked to the specification. Can save teacher a lot of time with prepping multiple choice style questions.

Good to help check knowledge of pupils, a useful revision resources at the end of a topic or for revision. Can be used straight away in classroom or for homework, pupils can self mark and instantly see knowledge gaps.

Perfect match [to the spec], questions come in spec order and questions cover well both the theme 1 and theme 2 contents

D Duguid, Head of Business & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11704)

This is a helpful resource which covers a range of concepts, topics and terms within the specification. It’ll be a useful tool to support students and teachers to diagnose misconceptions and identify knowledge gaps.

S Stones, Peer Reviewer