Factsheets and Activities for GCSE Business

The specification at your fingertips!

Comprehensive yet concise handouts covering all the essential concepts and terms from the specification

Quickly accessible detail for every topic:

  • Explanations with examples
  • Benefits and drawbacks
  • Questions for application – quantitative skills questions included where appropriate

Use it as a clear reference for teaching, or a neat summary for revision!

Very thorough and covers each section in a lot of detail. I like the combination of revision notes on each topic, pertinent questions and some activities

G Nocher, Teacher & Peer Reviewer


  • Diagnostic multiple choice tests for each specification section – quick knowledge assessment
  • Activities to engage students

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Multiple Choice Question Bank for GCSE Business

What do teachers say about this resource? (10207)

Comprehensive and chunked quite nicely for the student... Good definitions are provided. Bullet point style advantages and disadvantages are also accessible.

D Holland, Asst Principal Examiner for Major Awarding Body, Peer Reviewer

Really useful sheets supporting the students in their knowledge... clear and easy for the students to use... support the students in their knowledge and understanding, a good scaffold to analysis and evaluative techniques

A Jones, Assistant Deputy Head

The content is highly relevant to the specification and links very well... Examples alongside the key terms provided context for students and in most cases would allow them to develop a better knowledge of the terminology... Mini questions/activities for students to do - I feel this will be engaging for pupils as well as useful for teachers when planning activities... I feel it provides useful information and the activities extend the learning. The activities are relevant to the content... I liked that the activities are mixed, some being questions while others are more research based.

R Lamb, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Very thorough and covers each section in a lot of detail. I like the combination of revision notes on each topic, pertinent questions and some activities... I particularly like the multiple choice questions for each section. The amount of questions is excellent and covers the whole section in terms of the range of topics in an excellent manner. I also like the depth of notes on each key term... it could be used individually by pupils as a revision guide [or] with direction from me within class to look at a specific section or topic. I would also use some of the questions/activities to break the revision up... All sections are covered as the specification and the key terms are explained and linked well to the requirements... invaluable as a means to aid students to develop their understanding of the course when revising.

G Nocher, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It is thorough and all topic areas appear to have been covered in some way... Like the inclusion of simple activities and key questions throughout the resource.

T Goodfellow, Business Tutor & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10733)

Covers the whole spec and is very easy to access the different topics. The material involves a range of difficulties from simple knowledge checks like gap fills to more challenging questions to stretch all abilities like 12 mark evaluate questions.

Students like having the whole course laid out in front of them and can work through it at their own pace. It is interactive - students receive immediate feedback.

It's excellent value for money and will definitely help students to boost their knowledge of your subject.

D Rees, Head of Department

I would recommend this resource ... Experienced or otherwise this resource extensively assists teachers with detailing every inch of the specification putting facts and case study examples for all areas covered in the specification ... The author has created a resource which encompass each topic required by the specification. The content exemplifies the facts and fundamental knowledge of the entire specification ... reinforces subject knowledge which in turns lends itself to more confident teaching and learning. The MCQ’s can be used as quick starters by the students as well ... Each topic is explained in a clear, friendly style, including all the sections ... It's superb for non-specialist teachers

C Hutchinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Sound coverage of the subject content. Detailed notes that could be used to facilitate teaching and independent study. I could use these by setting the notes pages for homework and then we could discuss the in the classroom, they could facilitate discussion in groups or be used to test knowledge recall. Some of the sheets could also he used as notes pages that could be stuck into student books ... Notes are detailed - I like this. Good coverage of quantitative skills in the questions too ... I feel it could be used in the classroom and as an aide for homework / independent study. Acts as an effective retrieval resource ... Very informative ... credit to the author for going into the detail they have

P McGinn, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Would be especially useful for students who have perhaps been absent ... Also could be used to inform a knowledge organiser

R Lamb, Head of Business & Peer Reviewer

A solid resource,with detailed coverage of the specification. Could be used as a revision guide, teacher manual, or even as a class textbook ... A good go to guide for a teacher to refer to and use sections of with the class, end of topic questions would be great to test learning ... Brilliant match to the specification

D Duguid, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10503, 10856)

Wide coverage of specification content is presented through a range of engaging approaches throughout the guide. Assessment activities are divided up throughout the guide based on subject content meaning this product can support topic assessments within class, therefore meaning this document is useful both throughout teaching but also holistically once specification delivery has concluded... As well as summarising subject content, this resource provides examples of how topics can be applied to different business contexts, therefore supporting students with their development of exam technique through practising application... "Test runs" and practical activities allow students to practise applying their knowledge to exam style activities which developed exam technique as well as understanding of subject content. The inclusion of answers allows students to self-assess, independently, but also supports teachers using the product throughout lessons and in-school activities... The resource covers in a logical order the key learning points within the specification and this coverage is complemented by a range of assessment activities which cover the range of assessment objectives. Opportunities to practise quantitative skills are also emphasised which is useful following the qualification's reform and developed focus on numeracy skills.

S Stones, Examiner & Peer Reviewer