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Religion, Philosophy and Science

Course Booklet for AS AQA Religious Studies Unit 1D

Every area of Unit 1D explained in vibrantly-illustrated manageable chunks. Contains in-depth notes, key quotes and an opening to the most important thinkers and sources in Religion, Philosophy and Science – from the Bible to Darwin, Hume and Swinburne.

Accessible, student-friendly summaries, ideal for independent learning and revision. Every part of the specification covered in detail:
  • Miracles (definitions, Hume, science and miracles, religious responses, Swinburne,)
  • Creation (creationism, intelligent design, science and creation, theory of evolution)
  • Design argument (Aquinas, Paley, Hume, Dawkins, Swinburne, anthropic principle)
  • Quantum mechanics (Planck, Einstein, Heisenberg)

Loved it… It enables students to prepare for the exam with realistic course materials which make a refreshing change from textboooks! k Coleclough, Head of RE & Independant Reviewer