Structured Cover Lessons for GCSE Eduqas Media Studies

An invaluable collection of fully resourced, stand-alone cover lessons geared specifically towards the 2017 GCSE Eduqas Media Studies specification. Structured, progressive activities cover all four media frameworks, contexts, set products and unseen products.

You’ll always have a lesson relevant to the course – even when there’s no time to prepare!

  • Focused lesson objectives define clear learning outcomes.
  • Key information sections cover everything students need to know for each lesson – no subject specialist or teacher input required.
  • Varied, accessible tasks build understanding of core spec content and practise key skills.
    • Scaffolding supports your lower-ability students!
    • Extension tasks ensure your fastest finishers stay motivated – or perfect for homework nights!

Includes everything that you and your cover teacher need:

  • Lesson overview grid for easy allocation by Head of Department
  • Ready-made student worksheets – no prep needed; just photocopy and go!
  • Full answers for quick marking by teacher on return to work (or by cover teacher)