A Level OCR Revision Booklets

Written with an exam focus, allowing students to break-up revision into manageable chunks, and ace their exams!

I particularly liked the clarity of the sections at each stage, allowing [students] to engage actively with the resource. The value of this resource is summarising the content in a way that is manageable.

L. Green, HoG & Peer Reviewer

Each topic is presented as an A5 Student Booklet, following the spec sub-topics: Keeps revision organised, compact and to-hand – all the way to exam hall!

  • Clear and Concise summaries for EVERY spec point –
    leave no stone unturned
  • Consolidation questions to recap the basics and extension activities to stretch and challenge –
    perfectly structured active revision
  • Revision checklists to self-track progress –
    students gain confidence, stay organised, and know where to focus revision

Plus! Exam outline for the upcoming exam, with general exam tips and advice on timing, planning, writing and thinking synoptically – perfect prep. for a stress-free exam period!

Also included in A4 to use as mini-chapter handouts, or to set activities.

The use of bullet points, flow diagrams and other visual aids is useful as it allows students to work on chunks, rather than a long, wordy piece

S. Cracknell, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Each topic area addresses the demands of ALL the Assessment Objectives:

  • AO1 knowledge areas
    Geographical Keywords, Key Points, Spec content, and 'Need to Know' boxes
  • AO2 application of knowledge and evaluation of geographical information
    Consolidation Questions and 'Take it Further' boxes
  • AO3 data and fieldwork skills
    'Take it Further' boxes and flexible Case Studies (including worked examples and scaffolds)

What do teachers say about this resource? (9987)

This is a clear and well structured resource. It is very useful for providing a summary of key terminology and key concepts. I would give it to students as the basics they need to know to pass the exam ... The key terms were very concise and easy to read ... The processes were well explained and the landforms with pictures really helps students visualise them ... It ensure the basic key terms and concepts are covered. Encouraging students to engage with the content with the questions at the end of each section. Students can also reflect on their learning for each section which helps them to be more independent

J Baston, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9989)

a wonderful revision resource but also could be used in preparation, especially with students who would benefit from pre-learning (keywords, case studies, etc…) ... it is organised in a simple but very effective way; the introduction and the conclusion address the students in a nice but also humorous way, reassuring them and giving them a lot of tips on how to revise and what to do during the exam ... This resource points the students to what they need to know on the topic, there are even encouraging sentences for those students who, getting close to the exams, find themselves with having to learn new material because they have not been quite rigorous in their study approach. For the more able, it points them to expand their horizons by giving links to extra resources. ... It follows exactly all the steps of the specification and the key terms

C Tarantino-Hind , Teacher; Hurst Lodge School & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9988)

Clear and easy to use. It matches the specification well, the resource follows the order of the specification making it a easy to use reference alongside checking the spec. This resource could be used as a workbook for homework to support learning completed in class. It does also lend itself well to a revision aid at the end of year 13 when students need to recap topics they have previously learnt in year 12.

J Baston, Teacher & Peer Reviewer