Starters and Plenaries for BTEC L1/2 Tech Award (2017)
in Health and Social Care

Activities include:

  • Categorising Conditions
  • Letter to the Landlord
  • Interpreting the Pulse
  • Assess and Annotate
  • Be the Trainer
  • Inject pace into your Health and Social Care lessons with this pack of pick-up-and-teach starter and plenary activities – all specifically designed for the 2017 BTEC Tech Award specification.

    21–27 write-on in-class activities complete with teacher's notes and instructions to consolidate and extend learning for the next generation of Health and Social Care enthusiasts!

    I really like this resource... It has got a lot of snappy activities that are great for introducing or consolidating learning

    N Lowe, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
    • Ideal blend of individual, paired, small-group and whole-class activities
    • Opportunity to learn sector-specific skills and develop vocational attributes
    • All answers provided - great for AfL and speedy peer-assessment

    What do teachers say about this resource? (9871)

    I really like this resource... It has got a lot of snappy activities that are great for introducing or consolidating learning. Suitable for most learners... some good examples of scaffolding for lower level learners and their are opportunities for higher ability to be completely independent. I really like the variation of activities. I like the fact that there are opportunities for learners to share their answers with each other, rather than relying on the teacher... this gives students the opportunities to be independent learners and the opportunity to do their own independent research and learn from each other. I would definitely use this in my classroom.

    N Lowe, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

    This resource covers all the specification requirements and reflects the knowledge required by students. A good mix of teaching aids (especially for the non-specialist) and student tasks which expand on learning. The activities are straight forward and it is clear to students what they need to be doing, making it an ideal resource for them to use independently. I particularly liked the fact there is guidance in regards to use the task as a starter, plenary or used within the lesson to support learning, plus a mix of individual, pair and group activities. The answers provided will relieve the planning pressure of the teacher and allows for immediate discussion of answers with the students. The format lends itself to print and go (which saves valuable teacher time) with the answers provided in a clear structure enabling little confusion.

    C Hutchinson, Head of faculty & Peer Reviewer

    What do teachers say about this resource? (10082)

    The starters and plenaries cover the main areas of component 2 in a clear and concise way. Some of the activities are limited, but this is understandable as there is so much content. The resource is really easy and straight forward for the learners to use. The application of the key terms is good and relates well to component 2 which allows the learners to get a better understanding of the specification. The activities are suitable for lower ability students to use independently and to use for non-specialists who are struggling with the specification and delivery. It follows the same flow and direction of the specification, making it easy to work towards the marking criteria. The learners will be able to follow and work towards the grading criteria, by making sure they have included the correct information as they work through taking on board the command words when addressing assessment criteria. Very useful for not only revision lessons but consolidation of learning. I like that each activity is on a page and could be used along a RAG sheet... this may be used as an assessment tool. I certainly would purchase this resource. It will save hours of planning and still enable me to deliver challenging and interactive lessons to map and consolidate component 2.

    S Pye, Course Leader & Peer Reviewer

    I liked the range of activities, they are varied enough to engage learners and make a 'dry-content' component come to life. Really liked the 'hands-on' style of the card sorts and encouraging class discussions. Good mix of individual, pair & group work. The activities enhance learning as they are hands-on. They also aid discussion which leads to a deeper level of understanding of subject knowledge. I liked the proformas for the letter writing and fact files - very clearly explained and simple to follow.

    R Roberts, Teacher and Head of H&SC & Peer Reviewer

    What do teachers say about this resource? (10316)

    The resource is exactly what I would expect. A collection of innovative starters and plenaries to engage and assess learners progress. It is well laid out with teacher notes and answers and allows even a novice to use this companion confidently. A good variety of paired, group and individual work... Students will enjoy the range of activities on offer, particularly the quiz styled ones. Each activity has an 'aim' that matches a statement from the specification. This gives me confidence that the tasks I am setting are relevant.

    D Ojjeh, Head of health and social care & Peer Reviewer

    A good range of resources for both plenary and starter with the potential from several for greater level of class discussion. I would definitely use this resource for teaching.

    M Aldred, H&SC Teacher & Peer Reviewer