Government of the UK Activity Packs for A Level AQA Politics

NEW 2017 Spec: AQA

Extremely varied, pick-up-and-teach activities to use as anything from a basis for whole lessons to a recap on key issues. Flexible in length to ensure these activities fit easily into your lessons.

Takes the stress out of planning.... a bedrock of our course

D Taborda, Politics Teacher & Customer

Activities include
Debates, matching exercises, essay writing, true or false, and end of topic quizzes
And much more!

Great for your students

  • Essay and source-based questions – improve exam results by analysing arguments & improving essay writing skills
  • ‘Follow on’ activities challenge your most able students
  • Up-to-date examples including the 2017 election and Brexit – ensures students can relate political theory to real events.

I think this is excellent and just what our department needs to engage students

T Leng, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Fantastic teacher support too!

  • Handy overview grid with key activity information, including timings, group size and assessment objective coverage – great for quick and easy planning!
  • Classroom-ready write-on student worksheets, with answers provided – minimal preparation required!

All areas of the AQA specification are closely followed

P Taggart, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9827)

A very engaging resource which is clearly structured and which provides a clear pathway for students to enhance and build upon their study of this section of the A Level course... It appeals to ALL learner types and provides enough differentiation which would instill confidence in students and build up their approach to answering difficult and challenging questions on the topic... I would definitely purchase this to enhance my teaching.

P Taggart, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9826)

All areas of the AQA specification are closely followed and the overview of the Assessment Objectives provides that extra reassurance that all necessary skills have been addressed. There is a wide range of different activities which would appeal to all learner types with differentiation embedded throughout... The activities are very straightforward to follow and can be used to supplement classroom teaching. It tests a range of different skills which students will have to deploy in an exam... Again, since it follows the AQA specification clearly, it gives teachers and students that confidence that all activities and resources are directly related to the exam. I really like Activity 8 on Burkean Representation... the fact that students will have to act out the views is something which I think will be easy to relate to and remember. The issue of representation is a difficult one and this activity addresses it well...

P Taggart, HoD & Peer Reviewer