GCSE 9-1 Eduqas Media Studies eRevision

Components 1 and 2 covered, including all Media Frameworks, every set product and relevant theories!!

'Invaluable... I really would encourage all media centres to buy this resource.' – K Chanter, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer (2017)

'Amazing, it is an excellent way of tracking learners' progress.' – P Knowles, Head of Media & eRevision subscriber (2013)

Interactive Online Revision


  • 100+ unique interactive quizzes covering every subtopic of Components 1 and 2 – featuring:
    ★ GapFill ★ MatchUp ★ ReOrder ★ Categorise ★ PinDrop ★ MultiChoice ★ ExamQuestion
  • Motivating '3-try' system to keep students engaged
  • Differentiated – students set difficulty level and the complexity adjusts accordingly
  • Superb independent learning/revision tool with instant feedback = no marking needed!


  • Students see a map of progress to help structure their revision
  • Teachers can monitor student – class performance with intuitive progress tracking
  • Provides instant feedback to both student and teacher on which areas need improvement


  • Bulk discount school pricing
  • Flexible prices to suit your school size/budget
  • Hassle free auto-renewal
  • Private single-student licence available
9 different test types:
  • GapFill – Fill in the gaps in a paragraph of text using the drop-down lists of words provided.
  • MatchUp – Drag and drop the correct answers onto a set of questions.
  • ReOrder – Drag and drop a list of items, processes, or events into the correct order.
  • Categorise – Organise sets of answers into the correct category.
  • PinDrop – Move labels onto the correct positions on a diagram.
  • MultiChoice – Click to select the correct answer from a set of four possibilities.
  • TypeIt – Just like GapFill, only this time students need to type the correct answer as no suggestions are given.
  • WipeOut – A grid of nine possible answers but only some of them are correct! WipeOut if you’re inorrect!
  • Exam – Practice exam questions, just like the real exam.