GCSE 9-1 Eduqas Media Studies eRevision

Components 1 and 2 covered, including all Media Frameworks, every set product and relevant theories!!

'Invaluable... I really would encourage all media centres to buy this resource.' – K Chanter, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer (2017)

'Amazing, it is an excellent way of tracking learners' progress.' – P Knowles, Head of Media & eRevision subscriber (2013)

Interactive Online Revision


  • 100+ unique interactive quizzes covering every subtopic of Components 1 and 2 – featuring:
    ★ GapFill ★ MatchUp ★ ReOrder ★ Categorise ★ PinDrop ★ MultiChoice ★ ExamQuestion
  • Motivating '3-try' system to keep students engaged
  • Differentiated – students set difficulty level and the complexity adjusts accordingly
  • Superb independent learning/revision tool with instant feedback = no marking needed!


  • Students see a map of progress to help structure their revision
  • Teachers can monitor student – class performance with intuitive progress tracking
  • Provides instant feedback to both student and teacher on which areas need improvement


  • Bulk discount school pricing
  • Flexible prices to suit your school size/budget
  • Hassle free auto-renewal
  • Private single-student licence available
9 different test types:
  • GapFill – Fill in the gaps in a paragraph of text using the drop-down lists of words provided.
  • MatchUp – Drag and drop the correct answers onto a set of questions.
  • ReOrder – Drag and drop a list of items, processes, or events into the correct order.
  • Categorise – Organise sets of answers into the correct category.
  • PinDrop – Move labels onto the correct positions on a diagram.
  • MultiChoice – Click to select the correct answer from a set of four possibilities.
  • TypeIt – Just like GapFill, only this time students need to type the correct answer as no suggestions are given.
  • WipeOut – A grid of nine possible answers but only some of them are correct! WipeOut if you’re inorrect!
  • Exam – Practice exam questions, just like the real exam.
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (9809, 9810, 9811, 9812, 9813)
A great, intuitive system that encourages students to take ownership of their learning. Teachers can easily track progress and identify areas of weakness before the exam... a pleasure to use. Many of my students are working far ahead of the others and the colour coding/percentages are an intrinsic motivation tool to get greens/100%! S Ravendran, Head of Media & eRevision Subscriber
'This is a brilliant response to the changing demands of Media Studies teaching... The interactivity element is excellent and would appeal very much to the modern student. From a teacher’s perspective, SLT are always asking for lists of revision topics, and this does it in one fell swoop. Invaluable I would say. I really would encourage all media centres to buy this resource.' – K Chanter, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer (2017)
'Amazing, it is an excellent way of tracking learners' progress. Learners can complete tests at home, in school or even on their phone. It tells them exactly where they are in relation to their targets. It is online and relevant to the exam. Use it, you can get all the homework set and marked.' – P Knowles, Head of Media & eRevision subscriber (2013)
'Excellent - a great resource that covers the specification and allows pupils to work at home... Pupils are immediately more enthusiastic when they can complete their revision work.' - J Cook, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer (2012)
'Incredibly useful and relevant. I really like the questions asked and the fact that each exercise was short and could be completed quickly... students will be more likely to use this than to want to wade through text books and worksheets as a quick revision tool. It's great that students’ progress is tracked for them and can be tracked by staff too... I love the fact that it really encourages independence and is in my mind a key revision tool for independent learning... I have reviewed quite a lot of resources for you and this is the one I have wanted most so far.' — L Bird, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer (2012)