End-of-Topic A4 Quick-Mark Homeworks for GCSE AQA Physics

Revise early when the topic is fresh! Engaging end-of-topic homeworks to consolidate your students’ knowledge straight after teaching to maximise retention.

Over 450 questions per pack covering every topic in specification order – a systematic approach ensuring complete comprehension.

Very useful

R Miles, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Substantial homeworks:
50 short questions
  • Each homework gradually increases in difficulty
  • Versatile! End-of-topic, or end-of-course, or perfect as a test. Use individually or in pairs.
  1. Fundamentals: Targeted at students aiming for grade 4–5
  2. Challenge: Helping students to hit grade 6
  3. Extension: Stretching students to grade 7 and beyond - includes higher-tier only content.

Substantial homeworks with around 50 questions in each yet so easy to mark and so quick to mark.

Ideal for peer or self-marking.

10 Stimulating Homeworks
for Topics 1–4:
  1. Energy Changes in a System
  2. Efficiency and Energy Resources
  3. Current, Potential Difference and Resistance
  4. Series, Parallel Circuits and Mains Electricity
  5. Power, the National Grid and Static Electricity
  6. Changes of State
  7. The Particle Model of a Gas
  8. Atoms and Isotopes
  9. Atoms and Nuclear Radiation
  10. Fusion, Fission and Radioactive Emissions
10 Stimulating Homeworks
for Topics 5–8:
  1. Pressure
  2. Speed
  3. Newton's Laws
  4. Forces
  5. Wave Fundamentals
  6. Electromagnetic Spectrum
  7. Light and Sound
  8. Magnets and Electromagnets
  9. Motor and Generator Effects
  10. Space

What do teachers say about this resource? (11118)

I think 'SLOP' [Shed Loads of Practice] like this is really important for students to engage in. Having each topic on one page is really useful, and chunked into difficulty is a good idea.
I like that the questions have quick answers which makes it ideal for checking recall of the main points of the specification. This also means that it is quick and easy for any gaps in knowledge to be highlighted.

M Wild, Leader of Physics & Peer Reviewer

Good... it includes a range of questions that test a student's understanding of a topic. It is particularly useful for revision strategies that focus on recall and enhances the revision process for understanding facts.
I particularly liked the inclusion of a variety of questions that tested understanding, which had already been split into differing levels of ability. It was useful having questions that were separated by sub topic as well rather than just broad topics.
This resource enhances learning by providing a comprehensive set of questions that allow students to assess their understanding of the topics. The educational value lies in its ability to facilitate revision for a better understanding of facts. Many resources online are a variation of the same by only ever asking definitions or basic facts. It feel it will serve as a valuable tool when used alongside other revision strategies, such as knowledge organisers and key questions that focus on recall.
The layout of the resource is simple and effective. It allows for flexibility in usage by enabling teachers to easily adapt it for different ability sets.
I would purchase this resource for teaching. It would reduce workload for the department and create consistency in revision resources. It would also be useful as a homework resource for students.

H Floyd, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Very useful as a revision HW at the end of a topic.
It is nice having one topic on a single page. Differentiation easy to see and symbols appropriate.
The question sets are clearly linked to the specification sections.

R Miles, Teacher & Peer Reviewer