Aiming for a 5 in GCSE AQA Set Works: Haydn 'Clock' Symphony

1. What's included?

Aimed at students with little prior musical background or who find the set work challenging, this pack contains analysis relevant only to students aiming for a Level 5, broken into manageable chunks and reinforced with perfectly pitched, scaffolded activities, revision sheets, practice exam questions and answers to all activities.

2. How does it support my weaker students?

The analysis is presented very clearly in bite-size chunks

T Scammell, Teacher & Expert Reviewer
  • Includes an introduction to the music theory essential for understanding this set piece, including rhythms and key signatures
  • Key contextual and analytical points are explained simply and clearly for easy comprehension
  • Musical examples contain more annotations – great for visual learners!
  • Simplified, student-friendly definitions of key terms and theoretical concepts included on every page
  • Practice exam questions come with helpful tips and sample answers to build students’ confidence!

3. I've bought the Set Work resource – is it co-teachable?

Yes! Use independently or in conjunction with your Set Work Analysis resource (6749) to provide full support for your weaker learners without impacting your stronger students!

'Extremely valuable in helping students with limited knowledge of music theory access this element.’ T Scammell, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9776)

Clear and concise and presented entirely appropriately for this level... The analysis is presented very clearly in bite-size chunks, always with clear and easy-to-find meanings of key words and music terminology... The activities are appropriate for this level and consolidate learning very well.. The analysis is at a simple level – a very good example of how to present the material to the low – mid range ability students.

T Scammell, Teacher & Expert Reviewer