BTEC Tech Award Creative Media Production: Teaching Packs

Endorsed by Edexcel

Components 1 and 2 are endorsed for use with the BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production Level 1/2 specification (2017)

Simplify your planning and revitalise your teaching with these pick-up-and-go Teaching Packs designed specifically for the new 2017 BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production – lessons can be taught as a complete SoW, or stand-alone!

Supports you step by step through every guided learning hour!

  • Detailed and practical lesson plans and workshops with aims, starters, main, plenary, and extension/homework.
  • Plus! Info sheets, pop quizzes and worksheets with innovative and varied activities inspire students with different learning styles.
  • All answers included.

For each pack:

  • SoW overview table for effective spec mapping
  • Glossary of key terms
  • 36 structured lesson plans and workshops
  • More than 10 reusable templates for multiple lesson use and to support lower abilities
  • Practice assignments covering all three media sectors: ➊ audio / moving image, ➋ publishing and ➌ interactive media

Comp. 1 Topics Covered:

  • A.1 Media Products, Audiences and Purpose
  • B.1 Genre, Narrative, Representation and Audience Interpretation
  • B.2 Media Production Techniques
  • Comp. 2 Topics Covered:

  • A.1 Practical skills and techniques
  • B.1 Pre-production processes and practices
  • B.2 Production processes and practices
  • B.3 Post-production processes and practices
  • C.1 Review own progress and development of skills and practices
  • What do teachers say about this resource? (9739)

    A high quality teaching resource that is suitable for learners of a range of abilities... there is a logical structure to the plan of lessons (which are usefully sub-divided into Learning Aim A, Learning Aim B, and Workshops), and the focus of the lessons is correct and pitched at an appropriate level... the activities enhance learning, and are a fairly comprehensive ‘walk-through’ of all of the key requirements of the component. The provided templates are useful, and there is a good range of ‘pre-learning’ activities... this is a useful resource which would enhance my own teaching (as a subject specialist), but would also be a useful tool for a non-specialist.

    S Backhouse, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

    Very comprehensive. Covers key terminology well and in a way that is accessible to the intended learners. A range of activities to appeal to and engage a number of different learning styles. Allows the learners to think about subject and develop their own examples which will deepen learning and understanding. It meets all the learning outcomes and allows the learners to work through spec requirements at a challenging but achievable pace.

    R Smith, Teacher & Peer Reviewer