Getting to Know Africa and Asia

Workbooks and Picture Springboards for KS3

Get to know the world beyond the classroom! Varied and engaging activities – from Atlas challenges to class discussions.

This resource stimulates an interest in and a sense of wonder about Asia. It will help students make sense of evolving and changing places. It entices the students to investigate where places are, how people and their environment interact, and how a diverse range of economies, societies and environments are interconnected. - C. Tarantino-Hind, Teacher & Independent Reviewer
  • Pull out worksheets for individual lessons/homeworks, or use as a comprehensive project workbook
  • Save hours of planning – quickly glance at the overview table for timings, materials and prior knowledge required
  • Flexible – choose activities to suit your class needs


  • Embedded skills practice from mapping to data analysis
  • “Springboard” PowerPoints – a slide per country showing the huge variety of landscapes and themes – get learners interpreting photos, maps and more!
  • Easy marking with answers provided

What do teachers say about this resource? (9703)

The educational value of this resource lies in the hands-on approach of each lesson, with very little preparation needed and yet a lot of overlearning for students through the use of atlas or information provided.

C. Tarantino-Hind, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A great resource that provokes deeper understanding of the geography of each country it is clear the author has carefully and skilfully thought about the importance of the country and the unique geography behind it. It was great to see a continent focused approach to study geography this approach was interesting and there was some very interesting features to this resource.

L Hinchliffe, Teacher & Peer Reviewer