Practice Papers for A Level Eduqas Media Studies: Components 1 & 2

For exams up to Summer 2023

Note: By Sept 2022 there will be new updated editions available with new content for assessment from 2024 onwards

2017 spec
Exams from 2019

Five original practice papers give your students the support they need to prepare for the new A Level Eduqas exams. Realistic papers intelligently mirror the sample assessment material to ensure students are familiar with the new format, ready to answer each question type and gain complete practice across the AOs.

Demonstrates to the students the sheer breadth of material and knowledge needed for this component with very practical examples

J Stevens, HoD & Peer Reviewer
Perfect for mock exams, spot-checking progress and improving exam technique!

Complete coverage!

  1. Full range of question types, covering every set product!
  2. Carefully chosen unseen products boost student confidence
  3. Comprehensive coverage of the theoretical framework – specification cross-reference grid helps you monitor progress and target weak spots


  • Plus! Student-friendly mark schemes and detailed indicative content – ideal for quick marking or self-assessment

What do teachers say about this resource? (9521)

I think this is an excellent resource. There is a nice variation of questions which test the different assessment objectives equally. I like the structure of the paper which is like the Eduqas papers - the mark schemes clearly outline the different indicative content and levels appropriate to the different questions.

D Soltysik, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

An excellent resource... The questions are clear and the mark schemes are detailed... provides teachers with additional papers to use as mock exams or to teach with in lesson. It is particularly useful for students to see exam structure and the requirements of each question.

S Hearn, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9467)

Very well organised and matched to the specification. The resource enhances learning by demonstrating to the students the sheer breadth of material and knowledge needed for this component with very practical examples. The resource is in the format of the pre-existing SAMs which is helpful when ‘navigating’ through the resources, mark scheme and indicative content. I liked the variety of resource material chosen... The selection of materials was engaging and challenging across all of the papers... The indicative content was supportive and well linked to the mark scheme. I'd purchase the resource - the SAMs from the exam board are good but we need more variety!

J Stevens, HoD & Peer Reviewer

I think this is a really good resource with plenty of exam questions to keep any centre going. Layout like the Eduqas papers with clear structure and and awareness of how AOs are assessed throughout the paper. Good range of questions, with two papers on 30 mark rep comparison and two papers on 30 mark lang comparison - shows breadth.
- Detailed mark schemes with good indicative content.

D Soltysik, Teacher of Media Studies, Examiner & Peer Reviewer