Practice Papers for GCSE Edexcel Business

2017 spec
Exams from 2019

Original exam-style papers for the 9–1 GCSE Edexcel Business specification. Ensure students are familiar with the format, are ready to answer each question type and gain complete practice across the AOs.

Practice makes perfect!

  • Two formats:
    1. Write-on papers that mirror the Edexcel exam style exactly – perfect for realistic mocks!
    2. Concise non-write-on papers for easy photocopying
  • Comprehensive coverage of all spec topics – specification cross-reference grid helps you monitor progress and target weak spots
  • Full range of question types included so students can perfect their exam technique

Put students in the place of the examiner!

  • Clear student-friendly mark schemes with marking guidance
  • Students see how marks are awarded, and how to improve answers
  • Ideal for quick marking and self-assessment