InterACTIVE Powerpoints for AQA GCSE Food Prep & Nutrition

400+ dynamic slides to inspire and impress your students

Great for in-class delivery or for independent revision

Maximise motivation with these expertly animated and interactive PowerPoints for AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.

31 concise and lively presentations to engage your learners!

Gives a detailed snapshot of every area... explained in a clear, friendly style

C Hutchinson, Head of Faculty & Peer Reviewer

Bring theory to life!

  • Dynamic illustrations, GIFs and diagrams – stimulate student understanding of difficult concepts!
  • Energetic animations and interactivity – helps you deliver engaging and stimulating lessons!
  • Embedded videos – to illustrate key examples and the application of knowledge!
  • External links and videos – inspire further research!
Fully resourced for effortless delivery!
  • 31 PowerPoint presentations (400+ slides) on CD
  • Slides printed alongside teacher’s notes to support delivery
  • Structured student worksheets – enable clear feedback

More than just content…

  • Imaginative and interactive activities – video analysis, puzzles, match-ups and many more – assess students’ comprehension of the topic!
  • Discussion springboards – encourage in-class analysis of the topics and application to the wider context
  • Practice questions – give focus at the end of each lesson and provides essential exam practice

Unleash the power of PowerPoint!

Sample Videos coming soon!

What do teachers say about this resource? (9377)

An excellent resource. It will be very beneficial as a teacher as it will save a considerable amount of time creating PowerPoints. They are very interactive and the layout of them is engaging. I particularly like the fact areas are hyperlinked so students can pick the area they wish to learn first. I like the interactive nature of the resource... there are different areas you can click on which will take you to different aspects - depending on the way the lesson is going. I like the fact that the PowerPoints follow the same structure, learn, activity and exam style question. I feel that it enhances learning as it provides all of the information students require. It contains different activities throughout the PowerPoints, and is not simply PowerPoint with information. It is very useful as it contains exam style questions for each PowerPoint which is helpful to help students gain practice on questions.

G Crawford, Teacher of Food and Nutrition & Peer Reviewer

I would recommend this resource. It serves as an excellent reference for adults, as well as students. It is well researched and informative. The power points build knowledge and understanding of key concepts and introduce important terminology... and will help deepen the students' subject knowledge. Each topic is explained in a clear, friendly style... It gives a detailed snapshot of every area that will be covered at KS4 and links to the spec well. Would be ideal for non specialist teachers.

C Hutchinson, Head of Faculty & Peer Reviewer