GCSE AQA A Revision Summaries

Component 2: Thematic Studies

Boost students’ confidence with clear and concise revision notes and practice questions – matched to the new GCSE AQA A specification, covering all content perfectly.

Stimulate proactive learning by using after each section, or hand out at the end of study.

Student-friendly notes for each subtopic:

  • Overviews and Key Points jog memory and pinpoint essential info.
  • Keywords highlighted and clearly explained.
  • Frequent sources of wisdom and authority reflect new spec focus – great for answering 5-mark questions.


  • Exam-style Questions for each topic engage students with their revision.
  • Student Checklists and Mark Schemes with indicative content help students gauge progress – great for targeted revision and self-marking.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9371)

I particularly liked that it provided a broad scope of information that enhanced the topics as listed in the specification. This would give higher achieving pupils plenty of material to work with and knowledge which they could put to good use in 12-mark essays. I liked the pupil self-assessment and exam-style questions at the end of each section. The mark schemes provided were also useful

G Russell, RS Teacher & Peer Reviewer