Learning through songs for GCSE: Authentic music from target-language countries

8 songs
40 worksheets

Available for French, Spanish and German

An engaging resource that pairs music with language learning!

Authentic target-language songs from diverse cultures, genres and countries are explored through differentiated worksheets.

Creative activities based on the 2016 specifications help students to improve their language and listening skills while learning about real-world issues relating to the required topics of study.

Suitable for a wide range of GCSE abilities! Worksheets 2, 3 and 4: separate, co-teachable worksheets for Foundation and Higher

Each song has 5 worksheets:

  1. Starter: Prepares students through warm-up activities and context clues
  2. Understanding the song lyrics: vocab-based activities help students understand the song and learn new expressions
  3. Putting the song into context: a reading comprehension activity based on a text introducing the singer or the band, followed by translation
  4. ✓ Activities include: answering questions, finding correct statements, finishing sentences and more
  5. Analysing the meaning of the song: activities focused on speaking and writing help students begin to develop their analytical skills to understand culture, self-expression and more in the context of music
  6. Giving your opinion: students share their opinion of the song and justify it – an important skill for speaking and writing

For use in class or as homework!

Learning through Songs for GCSE French: Song List
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  1. Barbara Pravi, Pas grandir
  2. Bigflo et Oli, Dommage
  3. Orelsan, Tout va bien
  4. Mika, Elle me dit
  5. Kids United, Mama Africa
  6. Angèle, Je veux tes yeux
  7. Madame Monsieur, Mercy
  8. Tryo, Greenwashing

Learning through Songs for GCSE Spanish: Song List
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  1. Rozalen, Girasoles
  2. Dvicio, Paraíso
  3. Luis Fonsi y Juan Luis Guerra, Llegaste tú
  4. Marc Anthony, Vivir la vida
  5. Melendi y Carlos Vives, El arrepentido
  6. Antonio Orozco y Alejandro Fernández, Estoy hecho de pedacitos de ti
  7. Amaral, El universo sobre mí
  8. Melendi, Alejandro Sanz y Arkano, Déjala que baile

Learning through Songs for GCSE German: Song List
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  1. Die Lochis, Durchgehend online
  2. Keiner mag Faustmann, Wien – Berlin
  3. Kraftklub, Sklave
  4. Peter Fox, Haus am See
  5. Christina Stürmer, Seite an Seite
  6. Max Giesinger, Wenn sie tanzt
  7. Wise Guys, Deutsche Bahn
  8. Beatrice Egli, Wo sind all die Romeos

Also available for A Level French, German and Spanish