Brecht: A Complete Guide for AS & A Level Eduqas

Immerse students in the techniques and ideology of one of the most influential theatre practitioners of the 20th Century.

Engaging notes and inspired activities bring Epic Theatre to life! Students will explore, interpret and gain full appreciation of Brecht’s work and ethos:

  • Comprehensive and captivating notes cover Brecht from all angles
    • Including context, beginnings, works, purpose, practice, methods, techniques, influences, and collaborations.
  • Imaginative activities inform students’ interpretations by exploring ideas and experimenting with techniques.
    • Perfect balance of practical and non-practical tasks – including reflection, writing and research.
  • Dedicated assessment section offers practical advice on how to apply Brecht to the relevant components: Performance Workshop (AS) and Theatre Workshop and Text in Action (A Level)

Written specifically for Eduqas, with detailed indicative content and full teacher’s notes provided, this essential guide ensures that helping students get their heads round the verfremdungseffekt has never been easier!

What do teachers say about this resource? (9357)

Very comprehensive guide about the work of Brecht. It is extremely detailed and covers aspects of his life, his political views and his these informed his approach to theatre.
There are pages that could be used for research, materials for developing students written responses as well as key practical lessons. I liked the fact that it covers so many different areas and is useful for both practical and theory lessons. The level of detail is excellent. The layout is clear, concise and easy to follow. I think the layout works well and is very user friendly in terms of being able to follow it. It is clearly labelled throughout so it is easy to identify which pages are handouts etc.

B Meugens, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A well thought-out resource that covers a lot of material. It felt easy to read and could be used for a range of learners

F Rayner, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer