Translation Practice for AS and A Level AQA French

Help students master the complexities of translation through an understanding of how grammar, vocabulary and transference of meaning work together in an idiomatic way.

The Translation Practice pack enables students to develop the skills to translate successfully into English and into French. All 2016 AS and A Level AQA specification topics are covered to ensure comprehensive knowledge of vocabulary in varied contexts.

With a tailor-made structure that includes:

  • Helpful tips on how to approach translations both ways
  • Worked examples of translations with explanations
  • Grammar and vocabulary preparatory activities

Exam-style questions:

  • AS/A Level Year 1: Translate 5 English sentences into French with help from a supporting text
  • A Level Year 2: Translate an English paragraph into French with help from a supporting text
  • Translate a French paragraph into English
  • Mark schemes with indicative content