Active Revision for GCSE AQA Physics

A superb double resource for AQA GCSE Physics:

Very good match to specification

L Astill, HoD and Peer Reviewer
  1. Active revision sheets – content sheets with gap-fills, labelling tasks, written explanations and calculations. Students produce their own complete notes!
  2. Complete revision sheets – filled-in versions of the active sheets, giving comprehensive yet focused summaries for revision.
    • Quick questions throughout both sets of sheets for instant checking, and end-of-topic exam questions to practise application. Worked solutions too!
    • Required practicals fully described for student review – evaluation & analysis points included.
    • Maths skills with worked examples so students can understand how to negotiate the increased maths content in science.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9341)

A good comprehensive resource that would be useful for students to use for revision either in lessons or independently. This resource would be very useful for students revising for end of topic tests, mocks and GCSE exams. It’s great having lots of worked examples – this is a key way in which students learn in physics.

E Manson-Whitton, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

An excellent resource for GCSE Physics.
Useful in revision before examinations which can highlight areas of weakness. Has a good mixture of questions and notes at the start which gives the minimum needed for revision for each topic. Covers the first four topics in good detail, giving diagrams where needed. The checklist is particularly useful for students during revision.
Good method of giving detailed answers for each question which is very helpful for students and teachers.

K Lewis, Retired Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A very good resource that students could use in class or during revision.

The worked examples are clear and concise with a lot of questions. The higher tier content is clearly marked as well as the equations that need to be memorised.

The inclusion of worked examples and lots of practice will help students to correct errors quickly and build their methodolgy when answering mathematical questions.

M Heelis, Head of Chemistry & Peer Reviewer