Starters and Plenaries for A Level Edexcel Religious Studies

Dive into the key issues and debates of the 2016 specification with a huge variety of pick-up-and-teach activities.

10–15 minute activities include:
  • Mind Maps
  • Ranking Activities
  • Symbolism and Language Activities
  • Label the Diagram
  • and more!

Starters prompt discussion and independent thought. Plenaries test student understanding to consolidate and extend learning.

  • Great versatility! An ideal blend of individual and paired activities, with worksheets for each
  • Engaging and visual – tasks for every topic appeal to and motivate students with different learning styles, while extension tasks stretch more-able students!
  • All answers provided – great for AfL and speedy peer- or self-assessment

Plus! Arranged in spec order with teacher’s notes for ease of use.

Easy-to-use activities to help active learning and stimulate interest and discussion... should capture students' attention

M Sinclair, RS Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9223)

A really accessible and engaging resource that helps to introduce students to topics in a way that will promote discussion and interest. There are a range of activities that can easily be photocopied and given to students with limited teacher workload increase. It provides an engaging introduction into key philosophical concepts. There are a range of activities rather than simple question and answer comprehension tasks. They provide a ready-made resource that will reduce time lesson planning, engage students and improve grades. Perfect match.

P Farley, RS Teacher & Customer