Active Revision Worksheets for A Level AQA PE

Active Revision equals Active Minds!

Maximise motivation, develop flexible thinking and prepare for the exam with these thought-provoking and challenging Active Revision Worksheets for A Level AQA PE.

14–19 flexible worksheets cover every topic and each is structured using three progressive levels, closely aligned to the Assessment Objectives…

Diagrams and photographs are relevant and eye catching

A young, Subject Leader & Peer Reviewer.
  • Section A – Facilitates students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding (AO1)
  • Section B – Supports students to apply understanding to sporting situations (AO2)
  • Section C – Challenges students to analyse and evaluate factors in PE and Sport (AO3)

… allowing students to tailor their revision for each topic area!

Great for use as:
  • A comprehensive revision workbook
  • Homework sheets
  • Class exercises
  • Independent practice!

Each section also begins with…

  • A knowledge checklist – with three levels to track progress (Bronze, Silver and Gold) – perfect for self-assessment and ensuring students are confident going into the exam!

… and finishes with…

  • Exam-style Questions – drawing students’ focus back to exam preparation

Students learn to: organise, interpret, link, draw, calculate, categorise, argue, diagnose, explain, analyse, and more.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9200)

Very good. Easy to use worksheets. It is easy to find what I am looking for and mixes information filling with applying this to answer exam style questions. It particularly helps the less able, as it has lots of pictures and diagrams and each worksheet is not overloaded with information. Easy to use, all worksheets are relevant and the topics are covered succinctly Cover every topic in the specification not just some of them.

S Fenner, Head of PE & Customer

I thought it was a pretty detailed and concise opportunity for students to list/write their knowledge. The use of diagrams and photographs is relevant and eye catching. Useful prompts and ‘fill the blank’ tasks are really good. It is a good prompt for memory which enables students to be guided in their response. The value is high, if there is an accessible and clear ‘answer’ section – which there is. I particularly liked the visuals used in the biomechanics sections. The content is relevant and the supporting diagrams/flow charts have been ‘seen before’ by students which is important! It is a well laid out resource and suitable in detail.

A young, Subject Leader & Peer Reviewer.