Differentiated Homeworks for GCSE Eduqas French

Facilitate independent learning with these comprehensive, ready-to-use homeworks for GCSE Eduqas French! Differentiated, stand-alone worksheets cover every topic in the 2016 specifications and provide carefully structured support to reinforce learning:

  • Three levels of differentiation – set homework appropriate to the needs of each student!
  • Each worksheet builds upon a wide range of skills, from vocabulary and reading to grammar and writing
    • Plus! Translation into both English and French
  • Full answers provided for easy self-, peer- or teacher marking
  • Consolidate and build upon knowledge and skills already learned – no additional teacher input required!
  • ‘Mix and match’ as homeworks, cover lessons, end of topic revision or classroom-based learning tasks – ultimate flexibility
  • Meet the demands of the 2016 Eduqas specification and give students all the necessary tools to succeed in their exams
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (9172)
'I thought that this was an excellent resource! It provides a very comprehensive set of resources for each of the topics on the spec, with a clear layout showing a gradual progression both in terms of content and difficulty. I really like the logical structure of each set of worksheets and that there is a clear progression, with each task building on what has been practised in the previous one.' S West, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'It would be very useful for teachers to have these pre-prepared homework tasks. I really liked the range of tasks and that the warm up activities under different topic were well varied, as were the grammar activities. It reinforces work that will have been done in class around the themes and topics, seeing the vocabulary in a range of question types. The reading, translation and writing sections are excellent GCSE practice activities.' C Gazzal, Ex Head of MFL, French Teacher and Indepent Reviewer