End-of-Topic A4 Quick-Mark Homeworks for GCSE AQA Biology

Revise early when the topic is fresh! Engaging end-of-topic homeworks to consolidate your students’ knowledge straight after teaching to maximise retention.

Over 600 questions covering every topic in specification order – a systematic approach ensuring complete comprehension.

Substantial homeworks:
50 short questions
  • Each homework gradually increases in difficulty
  • Versatile! End-of-topic, or end-of-course, or perfect as a test. Use individually or in pairs.
  1. Fundamentals: Targeted at students aiming for grade 4–5
  2. Challenge: Helping students to hit grade 6
  3. Extension: Stretching students to grade 7 and beyond - includes higher-tier only content.

The short-answers allow for fast marking; the teacher can read out answers - great for peer or self-marking.

12 Stimulating Homeworks
for Topics 1–4:
  1. Cell Structure
  2. Cell Division
  3. Transport
  4. Digestion and Enzymes
  5. Heart, Blood Vessels, CHD
  6. Plant Tissues, Organs and Disease
  7. Non-Communicable Diseases and Health Issues
  8. Infectious Disease
  9. Human Defence and Vaccination
  10. Drugs, Drug Discovery Monoclonal Antibodies
  11. Photosynthesis
  12. Respiration
14 Stimulating Homeworks
for Topics 5–7:
  1. Homeostasis and the Nervous System
  2. The Brain, the Eye and Thermoregulation
  3. The Human Endocrine System
  4. Human Reproductive Hormones and Contraception
  5. Infertility, Negative Feedback and Plant Hormones (HT)
  6. Sexual and Asexual Reproduction
  7. DNA Structure and the Genome
  8. Genetic Inheritance and Sex Determination
  9. Evolution, Speciation and Genetics
  10. Selective Breeding, Genetic Engineering and Cloning
  11. Evidence for Evolution Leading to Classification
  12. Ecosystem Organisation
  13. Biodiversity and Human Impacts on Ecosystems
  14. Trophic Levels and Food Production