Topic on a Page for GCSE OCR Food Preparation and Nutrition

24 visual and engaging A3 photocopiable revision posters covering all of the key theory content of the OCR GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition specification.

  • Concise notes covering key vocabulary and knowledge students need for the exam
  • Carefully designed to show clear links between key topics
  • Countless examples to encourage effective application to the food industry.
  • Diagrams, graphs and images to illuminate key concepts – valuable for visual learners and EAL students.

An excellent resource that will prove invaluable for revision

K McGuinness, HoD & Peer Reviewer
Each summary is provided as:
  1. Summary poster giving at-a-glance overview
  2. Partially complete write-on activity poster with focused and varied tasks
Both in A3 and A4 format
Versatile resource:
  • Hand out at the end of the course or at the end of a topic for revision recap
  • Hand out partially completed worksheets for in-class activities
  • Display on classroom walls as visual cues

What do teachers say about this resource? (8714)

A great idea... Concise information!

J Ridley-Warren, Head of Food Prep & Customer

An all round excellent resource that will prove invaluable for revision. Huge amount of information covering every topic needed to complete the OCR course. It flowed from start to finish in a logical format. This resource works on many levels; as a teaching aid to show pupils, the depth of knowledge, as a revision aid to summarise the main points and as a wall display.

K McGuinness, HoD & Peer Reviewer