The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

2024 Pre-Release Exam Preparation Pack for A Level Eduqas Drama

Comprehensively prepare students for Component 3: Section C! In-depth exploration and analysis of every aspect of the extract – from context, characters and themes, to performance and design.

2024 Extract:
From page 54: Christopher: 'I knew that the train station was somewhere near.'
up to page 67: 'As the chorus becomes more cacophonous Christopher finds it more difficult to continue to walk. Christopher stops. Rests his head against a box. Puts his hands over his ears. A Station Guard approaches him.'

Also included:
  • Engaging exploratory activities throughout
  • Special section on live theatre and how to apply it to the exam
  • Show students know how to create clear and accurate technical diagrams
  • Dedicated teacher’s sections with step-by-step preparation for Section C, teaching notes and indicative content

Your students will know the extract inside out and be fully prepared for whatever comes their way in the exam.

  • Put the extract into context
    Ensure students understand the events, characters, locations and themes featured in the extract – and their significance to the play as a whole

  • Explore and analyse the extract
    An in-depth look at all aspects of performance and design – including: staging ★ positioning ★ movement and proxemics ★ sound ★ lighting ★ set and props ★ costume, hair and make-up

    Plus! Each section includes a content checklist, key terminology and practice exam questions

  • Get prepared for the exam
    Planning guidance, writing frameworks, model answers, marking activities, answer checklists and more – ensures students can turn their knowledge into a successful exam response!

Also available...

Ensure students have an understanding and appreciation of the extract within the context of the whole play with the Complete Play Guide to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Includes scene-by-scene exploration covering context, events, characters, themes, locations, style, genre and more!

What do teachers say about this resource? (8612)

I just want to say what a wonderful resource the Curious Incident of the dog in the Night Time pack is for Eduqas A Level Drama. Please do an extract specific one again next year!

C Want, HoD & Customer

Pitched suitably for an A Level student who has not had previous knowledge of the play [and] Every element of Component 3 is addressed. This resource is extremely user friendly for a teacher. I would use the material in the form of notes to give students about the play and its context. The practical exercises are apt to generate useful notes for students to develop their own means of directing this extract. I particularly like the marked sample essay which shows clearly how the marking is attributed with AO captions.

T Reynolds, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11923)

A really good resource which is tailored to the Eduqas Component 3 Section C text extract Curious Incident. It contains a good range and variety of activities to provoke and encourage student consideration of the 2023 given extract. The layout is clear, easy to follow, the content is clearly written and accessible for students. It is a good resource for both group and individual study. I would certainly recommend this resource to teachers and students preparing for the Eduqas A Level Drama Component 3 (Section C) written exam paper... The content is high quality... The content is clearly written and laid out – a very accessible resource that addresses the needs of the specification... Appropriate suggestions are provided to assist the student in preparing this extract for their final written exam... Example exam questions match that which might be asked in the exam... I would use the resource to plan a teaching Scheme of Work, issue activities for students to work through during class and I would also give the students sections of the resource to work through for independent study.

S Borley, Teacher & Expert Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10907)

A good resource... Contains a good variety of activities to provoke and encourage student consideration of the given extract. The layout is clear, easy to follow, and the content is clearly written and accessible for students... Good for both group and individual study... Numerous helpful hints and pertinent questions asked to provoke and encourage student thought regarding the extract and how to stage it for a contemporary audience... Good variety of group and individual activities covering writing, discussion, design, practical with useful worksheets... Clear information specifically linked to the specification... Lots of information for a teacher to transfer into a SOW / lesson plans and lots of thought provoking activities for homework and/or revision booklet for students... Lots of specific activities linked to the given 2022 Curious Incident extract and a good selection of possible Exam Questions to work through to cover the requirements of the specification.

S Borley, Drama teacher & Peer Reviewer