DNA: Exploratory Pack for GCSE

Suitable for all specs

Set text for GCSE Edexcel and GCSE Eduqas

A contemporary piece of theatre exploring pertinent modern-day themes – including morality and ethics – Dennis Kelly’s darkly disturbing DNA is particularly suited to a young audience and perfect for engaging students at GCSE.

These ready-to-use, student-friendly notes and engaging exploratory activities combine to create the ultimate practical study pack for DNA.

  • Packed with practical, written, research and discussion tasks
  • Practice essay questions interwoven throughout
  • Key terms glossary
  • Teaching notes and indicative content
  1. Consolidate contextual understanding
    Find out how the playwright, the social, historical, political and cultural contexts and the performance context inform the play
  2. Explore the play scene by scene Get insightful commentary and analysis of relevant events and themes while considering the implications on performance, direction and design
  3. Uncover theatrical possibilities
    Take a closer look at production concepts, characterisation, staging, lighting, sound, props, costume and more in light of the whole play